16 Things To Do Before Baby Arrives

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Are you expecting the arrival of a new born? Congratulations. Pregnancy is such an exciting time: the mood swings, the cravings, the many weird and interesting behaviours we display.

It is normal to look forward to the big day with great anticipation; however, it is what you do, in preparation for the big day, that greatly matters.

If you have kids, you will know that a baby’s birth comes with so many expectations and responsibilities, like giving utmost attention to the new born, taking care of bills, running numerous errands, preparing meals, and attending to visitors.

With the seemly unending tasks finding time to rest can be challenging. I remember a few weeks after I had put to bed as a first time mum then, I felt so stressed that I wished everyone would go away so that I could rest. Sounds funny but I reckon that many new moms attest to this.

Well, I had to adjust. Which is something most moms will learn. Coping after childbirth will largely depend on what you do during pregnancy. Hence, it is crucial to make every moment count during preggy days, so that you can make your pregnancy fun and worthwhile, and more importantly, fair well when your baby comes.

Are you a pregnant mama, or do you know anyone who is? Below are 16 things to do before baby arrives, to ensure you have smooth transitioning during postpartum.


1.  Get Registered In A Recognized Clinic

Even if you feel well, you must go to the hospital and get checked and registered. You will be examined if you are going to have any complications or not. You may also have to start attending prenatal classes.

These classes will help you get prepped and expose you to the right food, exercise, or suitable work schedules. You also learn great tips as a mom to be. Things like swaddling, the right way to latch, changing diapers are taught in prenatal classes.


2. Go, Baby And Mama Shopping

Shopping is so fun and exciting. You see myriads of baby things you need available in colours, styles, and designs, and there are different choices to pick.

Trust me, and if you are not with a budget, you may be tempted to buy the whole shop. Getting the essentials is the most important, though. If you already know the gender of your baby, you may choose to get things colour-coded may be going with a particular colour theme.

It all depends on you; some moms do not necessarily do that. Make purchases for essentials like diapers, baby cot, onesies, car seats, strollers, e.t.c.

It would help if you bought lots of diapers, wipes, socks, and onesies in different sizes, as you will need them a lot.


3.  Set Up And Decorate The Nursery

Once you have gotten a lot of purchase for the baby, getting ready to start setting up and decorating your dream’s nursery is another of the things to do before baby arrives.

Now is a time to put in your creativity. You can get tons of ideas from different sources. Decorating the baby nursery is such a fun thing to do before the baby arrives. Choose colour themes that are cool and professional, or go with what you love.
Fix strollers, baby cots, cabinets, changing tables.

Time to paint and install decorations, time to do all the things you have in mind. As you arrange you may find out that some things like the cot or car seats do not work well so, you can get them fixed or returned.

Setting up the nursery is a perfect time to bond with your partner as well. As you both discuss and make plans and layouts, it can be a fascinating moment to connect and have fun.

Setting up will be a lot of work, but you do not stress out by doing everything at once. Do as much as you can for a day and continue other times.


4.  Prepare Your Home

Clean up and declutter. Get those things you’ve been storing for years and have never used out of your house. The perfect time to prepare the home is when the morning sickness has worn off, and you are bouncing with energy.

Enlist the aid of your partner, friends or get professional services that could be of help. Clear off the junks and old stuff that are not needed, dust, wipe, vacuum floors and carpets, remove worn-out stuff and replace—repair leaky or broken parts in your home.

Do a complete touch up if necessary. You may even decide to start baby proofing your home now, for easier transitioning when the baby becomes a toddler. Once your home is clean and organized, you have a safe environment to receive the newborn.


5. Shop For House Hold Items

#5 of the essential things you need to do before baby arrives is stocking up on essential and non-essential household items.

The little one will be selfish and take most of your time when he or she arrives, and you don’t want to be caught off-guard and be in distress mode when food and other essentials are exhausted.

So, stock up on milk, egg, tissues, paper towels, groceries, rice, oil detergent, and any other household items you feel essential and store them. These will save you the stress and panic when you need them in emergencies.


6.  Complete Any Major Task

Caring for the newborn will take a toll on you, and you will need lots of time for rest and recuperate. The last thing you need is a pending task in the office, beckoning your attention when the baby arrives.

You must complete any major tasks while planning for the arrival of your new born. Do well to finish any unfinished tasks, clear up your schedules, attend to any engagements, and if you can’t assign it to other persons or put them on hold.

It would relieve you of any stress—no point in adding work stress while caring for the baby. Once done, you can freely enjoy your Mat leave without any work bother.


7.  Have A One On One Conversation With Your Partner

If you and your partner have not had meaningful discussions about the baby, it should be one of the things you should plan to do the baby before the baby arrives.

Do not get so involved with preparations that you do not discuss concretely on the baby. Talk about the baby’s name, discuss if you wish to know the gender or not, talk about any plans you may have for the child.

Make plans on how you both intend to balance work and family life when the baby comes around, talk about your parenting plan, talk about anything that comes to mind as it relates to you both and the baby and the family (if you have more than one kids).

Some couples miss this part when planning; however, it is crucial. It keeps you and your partner prepared and on the same page, mind mentally and physically.

Accepting your responsibility as a parent, and fitting into your new role smoothly makes the job more comfortable when the little one finally shows up.


8.  Start Saving Up Cash

You may already have savings. However, you need to realize the birth of a new born comes with a lot of financial needs. Saving up cash is one of the essential things you need to do before baby arrives.

There will be spending on getting baby stuff, hospital visits, medications, preparing the home, buying new clothes, stocking up the house, utility bills, and many other miscellaneous expenses. It would help if you were ready financially.

Get prepped by saving up early, so you have a lot of cash stacked up. Before the big day, keep a stack of cash aside in case of emergencies.

You may not need it, but it’s wise to keep it handy. A pregnancy with a lot of money in hand is fun and more comfortable for you.


9. Prepare Yourself Mentally

Your life will change, no doubt, and are you ready for this? At first, it may seem exciting when you hear the good news I’m pregnant, but you need to understand what it entails.

For first-time mums, it will be a new experience that you should prepare for. Even if you have had kids before, remember no two pregnancies are the same.

As you progress in your pregnancy, start preparing your mind for the new change that is about to occur and, more importantly, how you can effectively handle it wonderfully.

Read books, research, discuss with your health practitioner, older adults, even your partner if you have any worries. Get your mind adjusted to the new change and accept it with love. If you encounter some challenges or complications in your health, do not let that affect you.

Be strong in mind and body, for you, the baby, and those you love. And be ready to give all your best in nurturing the new born when he finally arrives.


10. Take Treats And Catch Fun

Being pregnant can be one of the best times in your life if you make it so. Plan treats as a fun thing to do before the baby arrives. When you have worn off your morning sickness, and feel strong enough, take time to go for treats and do fun things.

It could be a massage, having special dinners with your partner, hanging out with friends, swimming, and doing anything fun. It’s a great way to manage those strong emotions that comes with pregnancy. Plus, who doesn’t want to have a memorable pregnancy experience?


11. Do A Final Clean Up

As the day draws near, your emotions heighten, and you will be so expectant to see your little treasure. You can engage yourself a little by touching up those decorations wiping and dusting those places you have once cleaned but are accumulating dust.

Wash the floors, clear the surroundings, touch upon anything you feel needs to be changed, and put it in perfect condition.


12.  Eat/Rest/Exercise

One of the last minute things you should plan on doing before baby arrives is Eat, Rest and Exercise. At the last trimester stage, some women tend to be more active and other women more slow and dull. However, do not leave yourself unfit.
Do exercises approved by your health practitioner.

Stretch up those muscles and make them active. If you are active, the baby tends to get active, and that’s a good sign. Eat wholesome and well-balanced meals. Eat if you have food cravings eat (Do not go overboard, though).

Try not to skip meals; sometimes, you may not seem to have the appetite but try to take one or two bites at small intervals. It helps.

Take out time to have quality rests after exercising. Your body will do some hard work soon, and you need to build your strength and energy as you prepare for it.


13.  Load Up The Freezer

This is one of the last things to do before the baby arrives. Stocking up is a great way to ease the stress of having to start cooking meals after delivery.

You only need to thaw stored foods, heat, and dinner is ready. Get as much meat, fish, beans, and any other things you need to cook and freeze them. Soups, stews, sauces are not left out. Prepare and store them up. They will be lifesavers when the time comes.


14.  Prepare Your Hospital Bag

If you haven’t already done that, get a cute bag and pack all the essentials for you and the little one. Choosing the very first cloth for the baby, combining colours, and picking out all the baby essentials for the bag can be an exciting and emotional moment.

As you prepare the baby bag, also prepare a backpack for your needs. Take some books, snacks, change of clothes, camera, makeup and any other thing you feel you will need. If you have already prepared your hospital bag, it’s time to check again to see if you missed anything.


15.  Prepare For Baby Guests

There are chances that you’ll be expecting many guests, and some may sleep. Maybe your mom or siblings. Prepare ahead for them.

Get the guest room cleaned up, change sheets, wipe, dust, and arrange. Get snacks, drinks, and food stocked up, so they have something to eat.


16.  Make Plans For Older Kids (If You Have)

Last on the list of the things you need to do before baby arrives is planning for your older kids. They need a capable hand while you are away at the hospital.

You can tell a friend or family member to stay with them while you are at the hospital.
There are many more, but mostly I have touched on these 16 things you need to do before baby arrives because they are essential.

You can write more things you need to do before the baby arrives, as this is just a guide.
Have a safe delivery.


Save this for later mama!

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