10 Things To Do To Make Life As A Mom Easier

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The easy life is what everyone is aiming for. Less work, more pay, more time to spend with friends and family, and do those things you love. But sorry to burst the bubbles, it doesn’t always work that way.

As parents, we have to work several jobs to get a bit of the comfortable life we desire. As a working mom, single mom, even a stay-at-home mom, it isn’t always easy, catering for the home, taking care of the kids, and keeping up with other aspects of life, primarily as the responsibility of raising a child rests mainly on our shoulders.

So we wonder, what would make a mom’s life easier? The question of what would make mom’s life easier always rings on many women’s minds. It is tricky to answer as what may be seen as easy for one woman may be difficult for another.

However, I believe that a mom’s life will become easier when she can critically analyze her lifestyle and responsibilities and plan appropriately on how to go about her life while considering the family, self, job, etc., and finding what works to ensure balance.

Yet, even when we see the balance, that doesn’t mean life becomes simple. You have to deal with the different stages of your newborn life, loads of responsibility, demand of child care, sleep deprivation, and it can be so overwhelming you get exhausted.

When will there be rest? When can you say you have adapted to motherhood? Does being a new mom gets easier? To every new parent, I understand that the first months of having a child are overwhelming.

It will break and make you but trust me; it eases up. There’s one thing I like about humans; it is our ability to adapt to changes and situations. Mothers exemplify this trait a lot.

We thrive even in tough times. Yes, we will make mistakes, fail and falter, shed tears, or be unaware of what to do sometimes, but we continue pushing.

So yes, being a new mom gets easier. With time, you will see that your kid will eat on his own, use the potty, play, dress himself, even assist in house chores.

I know it seems so long now and so far, but that time will come, and you will miss these days. So while you are at this stage, while you have to manage a home with a baby or toddlers and a partner and even alone as a single mom and your kid(s), let’s ten things to do to make life easier as a mom.


1.  Be A Good Planner

To plan means think through the tasks you have ahead and find ways to carry them out effectively according to the goal you have in mind. It is a critically vital tip on how to make life easier.

Knowing how the tasks and responsibilities are for parents, new or old, it is essential to be strategic and plan what task can fit your schedules for a day and find alternatives for those you cannot do.

Say you have laundry, house cleaning, shopping for groceries, and a bunch of meals to prepare for the week, all for tomorrow. You seriously need to think of a way to manage all these.

When you plan, you can come up with an idea. Tell your partner to help you out with groceries or call your local supermarket to do a home delivery service (if they offer that option), then hire help to do the cleaning and laundry. You can focus only on the cooking. See how planning works—living a more leisurely life = living a planned life.


2.  Find And Use Easy Routines And Schedules

I just wrote how planning could help make life easier. One of the things that will pop up when you are making plans are schedules and routines. They work like bread and butter with planning.

Effective planning should give rise to a well-structured schedule that you can follow through to bring order and sanity to your life. There are tons of sample planners you will find on Google, Pinterest, and other sites.

You can look them up to give you ideas on what you can use for your routines. One planner I personally use and recommend is the Afam Uche Goal Chaser this planner has been a life changer to my productivity and organization.

I have been able to stay inspired, motivated, and organized, taking me from where I am to where I want to be with my goals, be finanical, emotional, parenting, spiritual, and career-wise.

But before you dive into any of these numerous spreadsheets and planners, take time to analyze, write down or have a mental picture of how you usually do your thing at home; because having a schedule isn’t enough, you must make it workable.

Your schedule should be simple and easy to follow so you do not overwork yourself. It will make things easier to handle, and life would be more accessible as a mom.

I should also add that it will be useless creating schedules when you don’t stick with them. Once you have made a schedule, following it religiously is how to make life easier.


3.  Write Down Everything

For anything you have in mind, make it a habit to unload them on paper or digital notes. If you have to visit the dentist by morning, go for a yoga session, call the nanny agency and have an appointment with your kid’s pediatrician. Pen it all down.

At the start of every day or the night before, learn to write down all you have on your to-do list and arrange them in the of importance. It may seem easier to keep a mental note instead of writing down things all the time.

But you may end up remembering something important at the last minute. Imagine the stress you would pass through because you failed to utilize a to-do list. So, say yes to writing out the tasks for the day and scheduling them. You can have an effective and smooth running day this way.


4.  Avoid Stuffing Too Many Things On Your To-Do List

It would be a death call if you overload your schedule with too many things so, be realistic. Packing a bulk load of chores will stress you out, for you are a human, not a robot.

You need to know that you don’t have to act superwoman all the time and that when some things are left unattended sometimes, it doesn’t mean you are lazy. You know yourself you should see the task you can take for a particular day and when it becomes too much.

It is why planning is crucial as you make your schedule and to-do list—schedule time for rest, fun activities, and other things to motivate you and your family. Also, you should not leave your partner out of home duties, and if the kids are not old enough, try to get an alternative source of help.


5.  Use Smart And Time-Saving Gadgets

There are tons of smart and time-saving devices you can use to your advantage. They would make life easier for you as a working, stay at home even a single mom. You might want to consider getting some of these. Think how convenient it is to own a smart speaker.

You won’t have to climb up the stairs or scream out your lungs out to call your toddlers. You talk and program what you have to inside the device, probably your kid’s name, music, and other things as a command, and it follows through.

You can even play songs and set it as a timer for the kitchen. Like a smart speaker, you can install many other smart gadgets. You only need to control them with your phone or voice.

How cool it will be to say TV off with your voice and get the kids to bed without passing through the stress of looking for the remote control or dealing with your sneaky kids when they hide the TV remote, so you don’t it turn off—using Smart gadgets is how to make your life easier as a mom.

Other household gadgets like a blender, automatic washing machine, deep fry, and vacuum will also make things easier when cooking, doing laundry, and doing other household chores.


6.  Never Be Shy To Seek Help

You can’t do it all; you must be honest with yourself; this is what I tell myself when I overwhelm myself with too many tasks to not “disturb” anyone.

If you are in the habit of trying to do it all by yourself, you will likely burn out. Division of labor heard of that; It is how to make your life easier as a mom. There will be times when you need help instead of slaving yourself by bearing the burden alone; how about involving your significant other and other members of your household to help out.

It will make things easier and faster. Research has shown that women do not love to involve their partners or kids in household duties, so they end up carrying most of the burden of house chores, their jobs, and catering for the kids.

I used to be like this, so I know how stressful it is. It tells the individual a lot. Most times, we give for refusing help because my husband won’t be able to do it so well, or the kids may mess things up, so we end up doing everything.

Do not hesitate to seek help from your partner and kids when the need arises. If you are a single mom, making life easier as a single mum is to get help agencies that can help you ease the workload. Apps like handy can help you find the right people. Also, seek assistance from family members and friends if possible.


7.  Be Organized

If you are fond of keeping things any and everywhere, laundry piled high, no place for kids stuff and your stuff, your kitchen in a mess, you lack organization skill, and you are going to be in for a lot of stress and difficulty as you parent.

It would be best if you started finding ways to organize your home. The first step is to declutter. Look through your stuff: cupboard, shelves, drawers, any part of your house, and weed out those things you know you will no longer need, no point in having clothes in your wardrobe that you have not touched for ten years.

Obviously, you don’t need it, so send it to thrift stores or give it out. The things that you, the kids, and your partner wouldn’t be needing should be stuffed in the attic or given to those that need them.

If some stuff is no longer in good condition, dispose of them to have much space in your home. Next, make a place for everything. Get boxes, baskets, containers, and other things to separate, store and put things in their place.

Used laundry should have a place, washed laundry, folded laundry, condiments, groceries, shoes, books, everything should have its place. If possible, label them all, so the kids will know where is for what.

Better organization is how is to make life easier for with it, you will be able to think more clearly and follow through with your schedule easily.


8.  Plan Meals

You want to have a healthy home and save yourself stress, then you need to adopt an excellent meal plan. How stressful and tiring it would be to start thinking of meals for dinner when you have a big project at work taking your time.

If you draft a good meal plan and work well with it, you will see that you save yourself the stress of thinking of meals whenever your kids are cranky and hungry.

You would also not have to always opt for unhealthy snacks because you are swamped. Work out a meal plan that caters to the needs of the kids and adults in the home.

If possible pre-cook stews, sauces, salads, etc. And freeze them. It will make cooking faster. If you can master meal planning, I bet you will have a more uncomplicated lifestyle plus, and it will save you the time and stress of visiting shopping malls every time; it also saves cost because you buy in bulk.


9.  Manage Your Finances

Money is one important area you need to manage as a mom. As a family, your inflow and outflow of income greatly determine how you will eliminate the stress out of your life.

Therefore, it is essential to work with your budget or catch up with financial stress. Do not be tempted to buy things you don’t need, cannot afford, or buy out of impulse.

For a single mom, especially one who the financial care of the kid is solely your responsibility, this how to make life easier as a single mother. Always pay bills on time, so you don’t have to pay extra for late payments. Apps like Mint are a great help to track your account inflow outflow and spending.


10.  Take Things Slow

It is easy to get caught up in the rat race of chores, kids, homework, social gatherings, etc., that you don’t have time for yourself. One great tip for any mom out there on how to make life easier is to slow down.

Take things a step at a time instead of thinking of what you have to do while doing the one at hand. Live and feel the moment if tasks too arduous take some rest before completing it.

Enjoy time with your kids, partner, friends, and family. Do not overload your schedule, so you don’t get too overwhelmed with work. Instead, do those things you love that energize and rejuvenate your inner essence. This is how to make life easier as a mom.

Living an easy life. It is possible, but you must follow the right steps to achieve it. The ten tips given above are sure to steer you on the right track to living your dream of that easy mom life you ever wanted.
Never forget that you are a strong mom, and yes, you do well in your motherhood journey.


Save this for later mama! 

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