50 Activities For 18 Months Old Babies To Have Fun

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Do you want your 18-month-old to be calm and engaged? Then, try out any of these activities for 18 months old, and you won’t regret it.

If you are with a handful of toddlers at home, school, or anywhere, you will have to question your sanity if you do not know how to manage them, and in what ways can you do this?

Engaging them in activities that will spark their curiosity, attract their attention, and make them want to try new things and have fun all at the same time.

Be ready; some of these activities will make them make a big mess, so you should start thinking of ways to manage these messes alongside.

Handling mess is hard for you, right? Maybe you should probably think of getting them toys or fixing them with different programs on TV as an easier option, instead of all the mess and stress.

Well, it is not a good idea if you are thinking along this line. Think of the vital skills like motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and tactile skills that your kids would miss out on if you do not engage them. It’s indeed worth it.

In this article, I have written 50 activities for 18 months old, carefully selected to help you engage your little toddler and make him start developing the necessary skills and reaching developmental milestones.

These activities include games for 18-month-olds, learning activities, indoor activities, sensory activities, rainy day activities, airplane activities, outdoor activities, car activities, and activities for 18-month-olds at home.


Some Developmental Milestones For 18 months Old

it is important to note the developmental milestones for your child to know the activities they can engage in. That’s why you need to take note of the ability of your child at 18 months before planning activities for 18 months old for them.

These are some traits and behaviors your little one should show by 18 months. You should start helping your little one reach these milestones by training. Below are some developmental milestones for 18 months old:

  • Better attention span.
  • Improved sensitivity.
  • Physical development.
  • Better social skills.
  • Interest in things.
  • Follow some gestures.
  • Saying some simple words.
  • Points to what they want.
  • Can imitate simple things like potty, toothbrush, telephone, etc.
  • Scribbles.
  • They start trying to undress.

Note that not all kids show these milestones all at once, so train your child to the behaviors you want him to have instead of comparing or complaining.

If you notice your child does not show any of these skills, you may have to call your pediatrician, as this is not a good sign.


Tips To Make Activities For 18 Month Old Fun And Productive

Before we look through the 50 activities for 18 months old, let’s see some tips that would make these toddler activities both fun and productive.

  • Introduce the game to the toddler and let him take it up from there while you watch and guide him.
  • Every activity does not always have a set plan or goal, as it almost always changes. Instead, go with the flow.
  • Follow your toddler’s pace.
  • Most toddlers put things in their mouths, so try to ensure you get edible and nontoxic things for play.
  • Be ready for the mess, so prepare ahead with the right clothes, waterproof covers, etc., to reduce clutter.
  • Join your kids in fun.
  • Your toddler can leave an activity and return to it again, so be ready for it.
  • Plan activities beforehand; that’s why you have these 50 activities for 18 months old if you are short of ideas.
  • Sometimes, involving the whole family in these activities can be more fun for your toddler.


50 Fun Activities For 18 Month Old Babies

50 Activities for 18 months old

I bet you can wait to get started, jotting down ideas and activities for your 18 months Old. Well, I am all set to share them; below are 50 activities for 18 months old you don’t want to miss.


1.  Slimy Spaghetti

This is one sensory activity for 18 months old. It is super easy to make this. You can use leftover spaghetti or noodles for this or cook up a new batch just for this purpose.

Once you have your cooked spaghetti, divide the spaghetti into smaller containers, add some gel edible food color, and then mix it up.

Add a few drops of oil to make the pasta slimy. The colors will surely attract your toddler, and he will be eager to touch, cut the strands to pieces and even eat some, and it’s ok if he does all that.


2.  Play With Playdough

Play dough is something you should add as fun toys and gifts for your toddler; see more gift ideas in the post 50 gift ideas for kids.

Get a nontoxic play dough and give it to your 18 months old so he can feel it. Or you may do a demo by smashing it or making miniature figurines before him.

Doing this would surely attract his attention. Allow him to explore the texture. Let him roll, squash, squeeze or even bite it. It would help develop his grasp, hand-eye coordination, and bilateral coordination.


3.  Play With A Small Bag Of Flour

Toddlers would love to explore and play with sand and while it can be fun, toddlers often put things in their mouth. To safeguard against this, give your toddler a small bag of flour instead.

Let them play and explore the texture, be very watchful and observant with this as you don’t want your child snorting excess of it and choking.


4.  Make Edible Shaving Cream For Your Kid To Play With

Whisk some egg whites, and add a few drops of vinegar into it. Then, sift in some corn flour till the paste is a bit stiff and spread it on a tray.

Take some scoops to make some moustache on your chin. This would surely draw your toddler’s attention, and he would want to try too.


5.  Blow Up Bubbles

It is a great outdoor activity for 18 months old on a calm day. You both can go out, have fun, blow, and swash bubbles using a bubble machine.


6.  Paint On Sticky Paper

This activity may be pretty messy, but I assure you, your little one would so love it. Take sticky paper and tape it on the wall. Make sure the sticky part is not taped to the wall.

Get small paint, especially edible ones, brushes and make a collage on the sticky wall. Make sure he does a handprint when you both are done.

He can finish it up with some sprinkles. This is one activity for 18 months olds should not be missed.


7.  Stickers On The Wall

Do you want both creative and sensory activities for 18 months at home? Then let your kid stick stickers on the wall to create a beautiful mural.


8.  Stack Up

Stacking up Lego blocks is an everyday activity for 18 months olds. I recommend you get the mega Lego blocks or crates so they do not easily swallow it up. Also, check for the ones that are made with non-toxic materials.


9.  Let Them Play In The Mud

Muddy-play is a rainy day activity for 18 months olds. You can let your little one play with his friends or other siblings. Let them explore the soft soil, mash, squash, and even smear it all over.

Many toddlers love this, and yes, he will be messy; just be sure to watch that he doesn’t put mud in his mouth and has a thorough bath after hours of mud play.


10.  Scoop And Pour

My son has loved this activity to date and it is one of the activities for 18 months olds you can try today. Fill the bathtub or fill a little bucket and encourage your child to fill up an empty bucket with a little cup.


11.  Picking Flowers

For toddlers who love the outdoor scene, an activity you can try out with them is to collect flowers and let them cut the beautiful petals, leaves, and stalks, sprinkling them on a bucket of water.

This is a refreshing activity for 18 months olds. Ensure your child does not play with flowers that irritate their senses.


12.  Muddy Soup

I loved this one while I was younger, and I know many toddlers do. Get a small bucket of water and let your kid fill in stones, sand, leaves, and sticks into the bucket to make a muddy soup.

Do not miss out on the fun part. Let them stir with a large ladle spoon. This is an exciting activity for 18 months olds as it gives them the illusion of making soup.

Children like to mirror their parents, so indulge them.


13.  Toy Bath

Run a bath with lots of bubbles and let your little kiddo bathe his bath toys. Be close by while he does this so he does not swallow soap or sink into the water.


14.  Peel Up Bananas

This activity for 18 months old can teach your child to grasp and develop hand-eye coordination. Cut up bananas with the skin still on them.

Peel one in his presence and eat it. It should spur him to peel up the cut-up pieces by himself. It also teaches him how to peel bananas when he wants to eat one, as a bonus.


15.  Sorting Out

You have colorful cereals, right? Mix them up and guide your toddler to sort them out, color by color. This fun activity for 18 months olds can help your child learn colors and counting, etc.


16.  Make Him Play With Cookie Dough

Using edible cookie dough, get cookie cutters in fun shapes or designs like stars, cars, etc., and let him join in the fun of mixing up, cutting and baking cookies for the family.


17.  Let Your Child Play With The Mixed Dough

Add water into the flour and some food coloring, if you want some colors. Then let your kid touch it and feel the texture. This is an excellent activity for 18 months olds to explore textures.


18.  Sorting Out Colorful Ribbons

Get a transparent bottle and let your little one try this creative activity for 18 months olds. Add different colorful ribbons into the bottles and pour in some sprinkles. Cover it and shake it up.

Allow your toddlers to watch the colors as the ribbons twirl and they’ll be engaged.


19.  Play With Colorful Straws And Coriander

For this fun activity for your 18 months old, set the coriander on a table and pass some straws inside the holes of the coriander.

Your kid would be excited to try it out too. Allow him to continue piping different colors of straws through the coriander.


20.  Let Him Play On The Playground

If your kid has not played on a playground before, he should try it out now that he is 18 months. Guide your 18 months old to climb steps and slide, swing, and have fun with the playground structures.

He would learn balance, motor planning, hand and shoulder coordination, etc. It would also boost his confidence as he sees and plays with other kids/ and allow him to explore, which is excellent for your little one.


21.  Rumble Jumble

It is an excellent activity for 18-month-old. My son loves this, and we still play this game at two. Use a play mat or the bed so that you both don’t hit on any object.

Roll your little one backwards or sideways, tickle, cuddle, lift him up and down, and have a good laugh together. It’s so much fun.


22.  Scribbling

Using crayons, chalk, or colored pencils, let your toddler scribble on a paper, board, or drawing book and let him learn how to grasp.

You can try drawing simple lines and shapes with him too. This activity for 18 months old will help develop motor skills like writing.


23.  Paint With Crayons Or Colored Pencils

Your toddler may not be able to draw a basic shape. Draw a circle or square and paint it with a crayon. Let him learn how to do what you did by painting the shape.


24.  Play With Toy Caterpillars With Dangling Arms

Use this toy to make a fun activity for your 18months old. You both can stick small colorful cereals on the arms of the caterpillar and let your toddler collect them and try to eat them up while they dangle in the toy.


25.  Create A Pool Of Petals And Lots More

Grab some colorful flowers and dissect their petals. Then add it to a bowl or tray of water to create a petal pool. You can add other things like small rubber toys, cups, spoons, etc., and let your kid have fun playing with them.


26.  Dance

This is an excellent way for your kids to express themselves. You all can create music together by using plastic bowls and plates as drums and sticks and see if you can recreate the tune of Baby Shark or play any favorite music of your kid.

Allow your 18 months old jump, stomp and dance it out, it is exciting and fun for him, just make sure he is in a safe environment.


27.  Marble Painting

It is a fun activity for 18-month-old to try out with your baby. Get different colors and paint with a brush and apply them to give a marble design.


28.  Let Your Toddler Help You Wash Fruits

The next time you are preparing fruit salad, enlist your little toddler’s aid and let him help wash fruits. Start with little fruits like berries.

Later he can earn to wash bigger fruits like apples, mangoes, etc. He should do this with a bucket or bowl of water and a tiny toothbrush (not previously used).


29.  Let Him Act As The Cook

I am pretty sure your little one must have watched you cook up things in the kitchen, and he will want to try it out too. Well, do not make him miss the opportunity.

Getting a small kitchen for your toddler would be great for trying “cook .”If you do not have one, you can get small pans, plates and, spoons and, old cereals, cups and let him cook up a storm. You can let him make muddy soup or mix flour with water.


30.  Stacking Up

Get plates and cups of the exact sizes, scatter them up and see if your toddler can stack up the plates and cups. When he can complete this task, switch things up by adding plates and cups of different sizes to make it a bit more fun.


31.  Let Him Be Your Garden Assistant

Let him pick dead leaves and things; let him play with the sand and pebbles while you are in the garden. It would make him learn about his environment and keep him busy.


32.  Take A Walk Around The Block

A simple way for your child to get acquainted with his environment. If you always go outdoors around your neighborhood with your kid, he will soon be able to connect and understand his environment.

So going for a walk outdoors is an excellent activity for 18 months old.


33.  Visit The Pool

It is an ideal time to introduce you to 18 months old to the use of the swimming pool. You use the bath at home or your private swimming pool, or the pool in your community or city.

Be sure to get nice pool clothes and be ready to do this activity inside the water with your kid.


34.  Visit The Beach

Beach time is not only a time to connect as a family, your little one can have fun and learn while doing that. He can learn to build sandcastles, pick pebbles, unravel shells, etc.


35.  A Visit To A Children’s Amusement Park

Your kid shouldn’t miss this at this age because it offers an excellent opportunity to learn and have fun. Your child develops his communication skills and makes new friends.

Children’s amusement parks are easier to use for 18 months than public parks, so plan to take your 18 months old to a children’s amusement park.


36.  You Can Get Squigz Toys For Them To Play With

Squigz toys are amazing for your kids especially on a flight,  which will surely amaze your little one. Ensure you get the bigger sizes for little toddlers, so they do not swallow them up.

It will keep them engaged and distracted while you fly and make them less anxious about the unfamiliar environment.


37.  Let Them Play With Finger Puppets

Buy your 18 months old a lot of finger puppets and show them how to play with them. They can decide to come up with an excellent play while on the flight.

This activity for 18 months old can excite your baby and make the flight fun for them. Children are excellent story tellers even if you don’t always understand them. They have a wild imagination, let them explore it.


38.  Let Them String Edible Necklaces And Brackets

Carry along with small packs of different colored cereals and beads and a thread to string beautiful edible bracelets and necklaces while onboard a plane.

39.  Painting A Water Coloring Book

This can be a great activity when they’re on the plane. The book comes in different themes, but one thing is sure: this activity helps to keep your toddler engaged, so it’s a great airplane activity for 18-month-olds.


40.  Sing Along The Ride

Want a fun and not-so-dull car ride? Then you and the kids should take turns singing all-time favorite rhymes and poems that they enjoy singing. As each one sings, everyone should sing along with them.

Your 18 months old is not let out from this activity. I bet he will be so eager to join in the fun.

He can mumble favorite tunes like Baa baa black sheep and old MacDonald. It’s an activity for 18 months old; you should try it on your next ride.


41.  Let Him Play With Colorful Cars, Train Tracks, Or A Train Track Or Board

It would make him feel like he is the one driving the vehicle and keep him pretty engaged and give a bit of free time to take a nap.

Just don’t nap so far away as babies tend to explore their environment.


42.  Stick On

Sticking stickers during a car ride can be great fun. Make your toddler stick beautiful stickers on a book or the window while driving. Make sure this does not affect your view of the road as you drive.

This is a fun activity for 18 month olds to keep busy.


43.  Make Little Monsters Out Of Shape

Get colorful cardboard and a pen, cut out shapes, glue in little white squares, and make eyes with them; cut out a tiny portion that can stick between your child’s fingers; with this, your little one can learn to create colors and shapes.


44.  Circular Motion

This is one fun activity for 18 months old at home. In a zip lock bag, add some buttons and stick them together with a transparent gel. Then draw a cycle around the buttons in the bag with a marker.

Encourage your toddler to push the buttons in and out of the circle. He may also match the buttons according to colors.


45.  Ice Painting

A painting on ice takes painting to another level. Get large ice cubes and paint on them. Let your toddler watch how the ice melts with the colors.


46.  Matching Socks

Know how well your kid can identify colors and things by getting him to match little socks with their correct pair. Your child can learn a lot, like colors, counting, and critical thinking skills.


47. Let Them Remove Elastic Bads From Objects

Let your toddler put colorful elastic bands on a toy and see if he can remove them himself.

Next, test him and let him try putting in the elastic bands on straws and pull them out himself. This activity will help build fine motor skills.


48.  Playing With Bubble Wrap

I always love the feel of bubble wrap on the hand, and I bet many people do. Make your toddler try out this sensory activity.

Please give him a bubble wrap and let him feel and play with it. You can also tape it on the floor of your sidewalk in your home and let him walk on it with shoes on and barefooted.


49.  Make Him Float A Kite

Doing this outside the house would be more fun. Make a kite for your little one and demonstrate how to float one to him. You can do this either in the park or your yard.

Then give him the string to float them himself and watch how excited he becomes from flying a kite. This is a fun activity for 18 months olds to try.


50.  Blowing Action

While trying to train your child’s mouth muscles, give him miniature balloons with pipes and let him learn how to blow them. He can also learn to blow by blowing air bubbles.

For toddlers below 18 months old, you can check out activities you can engage them with by clicking this link here.



These 50 activities for your 18 months old were awesome, right? You can start trying them out on the weekend and tell me how they went on the comment session. Be good and loads of love!

Save this for later, momma!

50 Activities for 18 months old


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