9 Tested And True Ways To Deal With Morning Sickness

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Whether it’s your first, second, or last pregnancy, the symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy can be challenging for any woman, and if you are finding how to deal with morning sickness, you are reading the right post.

Weeks before or maybe even some days back, you were excited about the news of your pregnancy, or perhaps you didn’t even know you were pregnant; but now everything has changed the excitement is still there, but you have a much bigger problem at hand now “the morning sickness.”


What’s Morning Sickness?

It is the feeling of weakness and nausea that comes in pregnancy. Women experiencing morning sickness always feel like vomiting, hypersensitive to smell, lack appetite, do not feel like their former selves, and feel weak.

It is termed morning sickness, but that doesn’t mean it always occurs in the morning. Mine was most intense at night and in the mornings, but yours could be different.

About 75 to 80 percent of women all over the world experience morning sickness; the cause is unknown, but it is believed that the Hcg hormones play a role. Loss of appetite as a symptom accompanied by queasiness, but some foods work wonders. They can be tolerated and help quell the queasiness.


What Foods Are Good For Morning Sickness?

There are several varieties of foods that are good for morning sickness the help abate nausea. Great options to try out includes: Bland meals with less flavor, that are soft and easy to digest. Like bananas, rice, toast, corn, crackers, bread, pretzels, applesauce, etc.

Soups: Are pretty easy to sip and give the required nutrients if you cannot manage solids. Chicken soup with a bit of spice is excellent. Try taking them when they are cold.

Smoothies and shakes: you can take these to keep hydrated if you find it hard to drink water. Apple smoothies, milkshakes, popsicles are great treats. Take them chilled. It would be easier to swallow.

Carbonated drinks: Though it should not take it too much. It can help to give instant glucose. Try Sprite and thank me later.

Lightly flavored herbal tea.

Fruits packed with water like oranges, watermelon, cucumber.

Ginger: An all-time favorite that helps many women with morning sickness symptoms.


Cures For Morning Sickness That Lasts All Day

How can I stop morning sickness?

If your morning sickness lasts all day, you may be facing hyperemesis gravidarum (excessive vomiting). It can lead to severe dehydration, malnutrition, extreme weakness. I will be throwing more light on this below. Here are some ways to cure morning sickness that lasts all day.

  • Take Unisom tablets.
  • Vitamin B6 supplements.
  • Intravenous IV fluids.
  • Ginger.
  • Benadryl tablets.
    All these may be prescribed by a doctor or gotten from drug stores.

There are so many approaches to dealing with morning sickness, but below I have outlined tip 9 on how to deal with morning sickness. These tips are super helpful; they have worked for me and tons of other women out there. I bet they would work for you too.


1.  Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of thinking of three meals a day, think instead of eating 6 to 8 times a day. How is that possible? By taking smaller portions, by taking bits and pieces of food all day instead of a large meal at once. This is how to deal with morning sickness.

Staying on an empty stomach stimulates nausea. The stomach acids act on the lining of the stomach when there is no food. This of course will make you uncomfortable and makes nausea feel worse.

On the other hand, if your belly is packed full when you eat a large meal you may feel quite restless and uncomfortable because you are tasking the digestive system all at once.

This too stimulates nausea. The trick is not to get so full and so empty. You can achieve this by eating smaller portions of food throughout the day.

To achieve this, stash light snacks on your bedside, in your purse, and anywhere you go. When you wake up in the morning before getting out of bed take few bites of plain or lightly flavored crackers or bread and munch them down so you do not have an empty stomach.

Do not eat to your fill just a few bites would do. That would hold you up before eating a light breakfast. As you move around the day you can always pick out from your stash in your purse or bag and eat something.

It keeps you going and prevents you from being on an empty stomach. Yes, you will still feel queasy sometimes but the urges to puke would be much more reduced.

The truth is, when trying these tip, at first you wouldn’t want to eat more often but try to push yourself and then you will see how taking smaller portions help your morning sickness especially when you feel queasy.

Take those foods that you enjoy so it won’t be so difficult trying them out. You will want to keep a stash of things like crackers, bread, nuts, banana, dry fruits, etc. These are foods that are good for morning sickness.


2.  Rest

One way to overcome morning sickness especially the emotional aspect is by resting. Morning sickness comes with a lot of mood changes and weird behaviors.

Of course, a lot of hormones are working so sometimes you will not be yourself you would also get tired easily. Having rest frequently will help you who is finding how to deal with morning sickness a great deal.

Doing anything may be tasking you physically and emotionally. You can barely understand yourself adding work can be a huge strain but when you rest, it makes a huge difference.

If you feel you can barely cope at work, talk to your employer so you get a few days or weeks of leave or shorter working hours. Having a shower and heading straight to bed helped me greatly when I was pregnant and dealing with morning sickness.

I always woke up relieved and in a much better mood. If you find it difficult to sleep you can play soft music or listen to an inspiring podcast. Since you’re already a bit tired, you will sleep easily.

Also, try using an eye mask to cover the light when you want to sleep during the day and ear muffs if there are noises around. Note that you should not at any time use sleeping pills. If you are always restless and find it hard to sleep instant consult your doctor.


3.  Keep Strong Smells At Bay

Women who have had morning sickness in pregnancy will know that smell and the symptoms of morning sickness are interlinked.

What you smell can affect you and make you feel queasy. Morning sickness is affected by what you smell and how to deal with morning sickness is by avoiding those things that turn you off.

When I had my morning sickness smell seriously affected me. Every smell I was used to was a trigger to vomiting and queasiness. I had to ditch my perfumes, lotions, makeups, soaps as any time I perceived their smells I was immediately triggered to throwing up. It was that bad.

At a point, I got soaps of different fragrances after few weeks the smell began to irritate me. I avoided using soaps and cream. I got only those soaps that were lightly scented or with no fragrance at all because, at one point, bathing was a chore. Thankfully all that ended during the second trimester.

To keep the morning sickness and bay, you would want to avoid those strong smells, even any smell that irritates and trigger queasiness. if you find yourself in a room where the smell is annoying or suffocating, walk to the window area and gulp fresh air it does help a lot to quell the feeling of vomiting.

Also, ensure that the room or environment where you stay is well ventilated, avoid those places that you know the smell could irritate you. It could be at a particular eatery, the kitchen, or the back of your house where the garbage is.

If you are in a room or elevator where you will not be able to get air and feel queasy you can try sniffing fresh scents like the smell of oranges and lemon. They help a lot to reduce queasy feelings.

You can try rosemary leaf, lemon extracts, peppermint leaf. Carry them with you wherever you go to help you alleviate nausea. If you cannot prepare meals yourself you can eat out or get someone to prepare the food for you as some women get irritated by the foods they cook.

Women that are greatly repelled by smell during pregnancy have high estrogen levels. The hormone estrogen is what causes the increased sensitivity to smell during pregnancy.


4.  Eat Those Foods That You Can Tolerate

How to push through morning sickness

Until the second trimester when the cravings start and when the morning sickness abates, you wouldn’t be eating much as foods may be tasteless.

However, there are a few foods you will be able to tolerate. As you keep a stash of light snacks, go for the food that you can tolerate so you won’t always puke. This food will be different for different women.

Bland foods are the popular choice recommended for many women because they are lightly flavored and it may not stimulate nausea. List of foods you can try out are boiled rice, egg white, crackers, pretzels, dry fruits, bananas, etc.

You can also try eating foods cold. The aroma and smell are reduced in foods when cold. Hot foods may stimulate nausea. Sometimes spicy and fatty foods may be a turn-off for some women but other women can tolerate it.

Personally, spicy food helped me quell my morning sickness because of the sharp aroma and pepper. You can try some chicken soup with rice. Cereals, toast, and other high-protein diets are also tolerable by many women.

Sometimes, it is wise to take fluids before eating or wait for some time after eating meals because I have found out that during pregnancy, after eating some foods and you drink water, you feel like puking.

The key when selecting food is to try different options then you will see what you can tolerate and you cannot. Tangy flavored beverages can also help. Sprite and 7UP (Sodas) were my go-to (do not take excessively only sips).


5.  Ginger

Ginger is one of the best aid you can try when finding how to deal with morning sickness. As a natural remedy for stomach upset, it has long been used for morning sickness. It has an aroma, that can very well be tolerated.

What I like about ginger is that it helps your taste buds. Your mouth can feel sour or tasteless but a few chews or gulps of ginger tea or ginger ale can help activate your tastes bud.

It can also help to stimulate appetite and quell the queasy feelings that come with morning sickness.

There are so many varieties of ginger and ginger flavored products you can try out: add slices of ginger to your water, make a brew or ginger tea and sip it cold, try gingerbread cookies, ginger ale, take sweets that are ginger-flavored, even using a spread of ginger jam over bread would be great.

You can also take 250 mg of ginger capsules (see with your doctor before using this). All these can help greatly to relieve morning sickness. So many women have said it helps to greatly relieve morning sickness so it is something you don’t want to miss.

If you are not particularly fond of ginger you can also try peppermint and scent leaf. These aromas are preggy-friendly and can save you from puking.


6.  Find Ways To Busy Your Mind

How to push through morning sickness

Nausea can be so frustrating and annoying I bet. The mood swings are crazy too. You can’t just seem to control your emotions.

You get angry and cranky this minute and the next you are teary. Everything and everybody irritates you. You don’t even know who you are again.

You don’t wish to do all these but you do them anyway. The fatigue and nausea are the worse to deal with. A few weeks before, you were active going out living life now things have changed. You are constantly vomiting, tired, cranky, not feeling yourself anymore.

Here is a secret tip on how to deal with morning sickness it is to try to find ways to distract yourself and busy your mind so that you do not always have to think about morning sickness.

This trick is super helpful to combat fatigue. While I was in my first trimester of pregnancy I was always so bored cranky. I hated going out but I didn’t enjoy staying indoor either.

One day friend came around and asked that we go out. I seriously refuted. I told her that I was not up to it and that I was tired. She practically dragged me out of the house.

The breath of fresh air, seeing people, and discussing with them made me forget about the morning sickness and I can say I enjoyed that day. I and came back feeling much better.

While battling with morning sickness, think of creative ways to distract your mind. Go out and breathe fresh air, visit people, go to the park and watch amazing performances that would thrill you even make you laugh and forget you are pregnant, watch a comedy show, call your girls clique and talk about those things you always talk about.

While all these will not completely ward off morning sickness, they will play a great impact on your mood and how you manage the period of morning sickness. You can also try again watching TV watching a movie at home to distract yourself if you do not want to go out.


7.  Find Those Moments Of Trigger

Morning sickness may not last all day. There are sometimes when you will be active and be much like your normal self and times when you start feeling fatigued and nauseous.
It would be wise to note when you are in a better mental state and not overwhelmed with the symptoms and when you feel the symptoms more intensely.

For me, the evening and night-time and the mornings were usually the times when I felt fatigued the most. If you can identify the times when you feel it more, you can find ways to manage and distract your mind. As discussed earlier.

Also, identify those things that trigger morning sickness. The thought of going to work, doing a chore, even cooking making food can trigger nausea. Certain smells, going to certain places can also trigger nausea and vomiting.


8.  Take Medications

Trying remedies like eating bland diet distraction, even rest may not stop the symptoms of morning sickness however they may reduce them.

But in some women that face the symptoms of morning intensely. There is the constant need to puke anything that passes through the mouth. They are always tired and can barely do anything.

The morning sickness symptoms last all day. The effect of this is extreme dehydration and sodium and potassium imbalance.

This type of morning sickness is called hyperemesis gravidarum and most times women who experience this have to go to the hospital because the various home remedies do not seem to work.

The term hyperemesis gravidarum and means excessive vomiting. The cause is linked to human chronic gonadotropin hCG hormone. Studies have shown that when Hcg is at its peak, morning sickness becomes more intense.

Studies also show that genetic and hereditary factors also play a role. women who are who have had mothers or sisters that have intense morning sickness and likely to have the same. Other factors are multiple pregnancies.

This kind of morning sickness usually lasts for the whole day. The woman becomes extremely dehydrated, vomiting is constant, she experiences headache fainting and dizzy spell even confusing feelings.

Most times it is best to see a doctor if this persists because it will become harmful to the woman and the child.

Doctors usually treat with vitamin B6 supplements which greatly reduce nausea, IV Solutions, for a time she may stop eating by mouth to relax the gastrointestinal tract.

She can also take Unisom or Benadryl tablets all of these are sold at drugstores. You may want to consult your doctor before taking them.


9.  Try Alternative Treatments

With the home remedies, you can try other alternative treatments like acupuncture and aromatherapy. For aromatherapy infuse cotton wool with fresh scents that don’t make you feel nausea.

Citruses like lemon and oranges, mint leaf, peppermint oil. All these can help you quell nausea when you feel like vomiting. Try Acupuncture by getting those seasick wristbands that are sold in drug stores. They are said to apply pressure on the acupuncture point in the wrist giving a calming feeling.

It is unclear how acupuncture works for morning sickness are not so sure how well this works though, but you can give it a try some women have said that it has to give relief from morning sickness for them while using it.

Batling morning sickness? you are not alone. With these 9 tips, you are assured of relief.


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