10 Best Ways To Teach A Child Respect And Obedience

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Knowing how to show respect to people is a highly commendable attribute and skill every child needs to learn. If learned early, it is going to positively affect the development of a child and also make the most of how he/she sees the people around them.

As simple as it may sound, as a mother, you might be finding it difficult with tips on how to teach a child respect. In this article, I am going to expose you to so many respect activities for kids.

Going on about how to teach a child respect, it is very important you also gain an understanding of how to explain respect to a child. Respect is a complex concept for kids to grasp. You have to use words and examples they understand.

You can start early by teaching him how to manage his emotions. The easiest way is by setting an example in the way you behave towards him and others.


What Is Respect For Kids?

It is the regard a child has for people’s feelings, wishes, or rights. You can explain to them that your words and actions project how respectful you are towards people. Tell them that when people are disrespected, it can make them feel bad.

Their age should also be the basis of this explanation, so they will properly understand why you are trying to teach.

When I discovered that my little one was always acting in a weird way towards people, I practically had to get on my feet and also had to apply these tips, and I am glad with the results I am seeing.


What Are The Best Ways To Teach My Kids Respect?


1.  Act According

 Kids are fast learners and are usually quick to pick up behaviors they see our exhibit. By behaving the way you want kids to behave, you have to set a good precedent for them. Your actions shouldn’t be negative while you are trying to teach them on how to follow in a certain way.

My toddler always sees me pick up my book each morning to read through, at a point he started picking up books too to glance through, even though he doesn’t understand one bit of the book.

When you show respect to a child, it instantly records in his mind that it is a normal way to go. It is especially damaging to a child if he is not treated in a respectful manner by adults because he learns to treat others the way he is treated.

Think about a chain smoker asking his child not to smoke? Sounds funny right! That’s why you need to act accordingly so your kid will follow suit.

One unique way on how to teach a child respect is to be a role model. Learn also to treat other people with kindness and consideration so that your child can follow suit. Show them how to respect by respecting them.

I don’t mean by calling them madam or sir, or bowing to them. Treat them the exact way you will treat grown-ups you respect. When children’s differences are accepted, they feel heard and respected.

I have had my boy question me on why I always have to make choices of the clothes he wears to shopping. At that moment I knew I needed him to feel important, so I asked him to do the cloth selection by himself when next we go for shopping and I knew how he felt afterward.


2.  Positive Reinforcement

Reinforcement is a way of increasing the likelihood of a good response. Kids generally loved to be praised, especially when they have done something right. It is good to praise them when they put in their best behaviors, as this will also encourage them to do more.

You can as well make emphasis on what made you offer such appraisal. It will register in their mind that it is actually a good thing to do, and watch them repeat it again so as to be praised.

Be specific as you can, for example, you can say “Good boy!”, or “ what a little star you are!”. Your kids want your approval, so it is important to recognize their efforts and praise them particularly they have tried.


3.  Make Corrections Then And There

Your kids might not know the negative impact of some of their acts. It is on you as a parent to draw their feet back when there are missing track.

You can make an effort by correcting them immediately they do some unacceptable things. You can try correcting them without being excessively strict.

The goal of every parent is to see their wards behave accordingly, and as a matter of fact you need to understand that teaching respect to kids is your primary role; that is why should be properly informed on how to teach a child respect.

I have had my son interrupt my conversation with a friend, and it was embarrassing to say. I didn’t have to leave him to realize his mistake but I instantly had to correct him and let him know that it is wrong to do so when two people are discussing unless they ask for his opinion.


4.  Teach Them On How To Act In A Certain Environment

Without a proper guide on how a child should act, there are some attitudes they might display in a public place that will pass of as disrespect, and you wouldn’t want that for your child.

Set expectations for them and equally remind them why they should give their best. You might be in a gathering with family and your child is seen running into people in a disorganized manner. I am sure you will be happy to see him in calmly manner, without bumping into people.


5.  Be Firm

When a child does something wrong, correct him and stand by your words. It is okay to be soft as a parent, but do not make it seem like you are just playing with them when you are meant to be serious.

Caution them and as well make them understand by your actions that the act is not appropriate and should not be repeated. I noticed that when I appear too lenient in correcting an unruly behavior, my son repeats that same act over and over again.

While processing on how to teach a child respect, I discovered that each time I correct him and maintain my words without looking sorry he doesn’t go back to the same way again.

Sometimes kids will not agree with your decisions, the key to preventing arguments is to be firm but kind. So you need to understand that firmness needs to come in play while teaching kids respect

. You don’t have to use demeaning words or be rude as this will pass a wrong message. You can be kind and firm at the same time while teaching them respect.


6.  Teach Them On How To Say Sorry

It is one thing to make a wrong and another thing to apologize. Children are prone to err as this is not limited to them.

You need to teach them also how to apologize when they are wrong. This will, in turn, make them to respect people’s emotions and always apologize when they go wrong.


7.  Tell Related Stories

While trying all the means on how to teach a child respect, telling them related stories helps in passing a strong message to them on the importance of respect.

Kids love stories and are quick to understand things narrated through storytelling. For example, tell them a tale about a disrespectful child and the situation of the child at the long run. You can make these stories short and engaging also.

Make it fun by asking them questions by the end of each story. This makes them understand which behavioral traits are considered good and which aren’t.


8.  Teach Polite Response

Your child can show respect to others through good manners. The attitude of kids sounding rude be tagged as disrespect and doesn’t sit well with so many parents.

It is good to let them know that it is not within their rights to harshly request something, but be polite when asking. Teach them basic interaction skills as it can go a very long way.

As soon as they can talk, you can encourage them to say ‘‘thank you” and “ please”. You can also start by telling your child thank you and “please” so they can learn along.


9.  Be Attentive To Their Needs

When you pay attention to what they have to say, you are indirectly passing out to them the good thing about listening. This also enables them to be attentive when someone is trying to pass a message.

Also, it teaches them that when they are not being attentive, that this comes off as disrespect. This will also make them to take turns while speaking to each other without being disrespectful.

Our kids feel more appreciated and respected if we ask for their opinions. You can ask them where there will like to eat for dinner or what they will like to do for your family time activity.

Doing this actually demonstrates that you respect them and value their opinions, which means they will more likely value your opinions and respect you too.


10.  Ask Questions

You need to ask questions and be sure they are doing well. You need to be aware and know why a child is acting in a certain manner that does not speak right. Ask them questions, address the reason why they aren’t responding and let them assure you of a positive response next time.

By asking questions, you could uproot the root cause and find a solution to it together with your kid. Now that we have discussed on how to teach a child respect, let’s get down on respect activities for kids.

Let’s move to some fun and practical lessons on teaching respect to children. Below are activities that imply parental control and participation.

They learn from everything around them, so adding respect activities are a good way to go! As someone who is completely passionate about raising kids and doing this job well I also want to share with you these unique respect activities for kids.

Here you may find respect activities on how to teach a child respect.


Water Theory

You can get a bottle of water and pour a little amount on the floor. Ask the kids to try getting the sprinkled water back to the bottle as this may seem impossible. 

With this illustration, you can let them know that just like the water, that opinion once voiced put cannot be taken back.

Let them understand that their choice of words should be carefully selected, and once it gets out of their mouth that it won’t get back. So in order not to disrespect people, they s should be patient and process their thoughts before voicing it out.


Role Playing

Stage a scenario where you can see them practice what you have Ben teaching them on respect. You can have them go out to help people, apologize if they are wrong. Do some role-playing and take them to places to see how they will act.

More tips on how to teach kids respect:-

  • Always talk about respect with clear illustrations and examples of how to show respect to people around and also to their peers.
  • Relate with the examples of respect activities 
  • Allow them to ask questions and clear their confused mind, as you are letting them know you respect them.
  • If you have a partner, also show them that you respect your partner, and they should observe as you do so. Do not assume they know everything about respect. Give them a chance to exercise the little knowledge they have on things. 

Ensure to follow this guide on how to teach respect to kids and watch out for a positive response from the kids. You have got this mama!


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