10 Productive Morning Routine For Kids You Need To Adopt

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No one likes a crazy morning rush. And for families with kids, there is a need to map out routine/checklists to get them prepared for the day.

They might be finding it uneasy to get in check for the day, but a morning routine for kids well planned/designed is a lifesaver for parents.

Daily activities can sometimes be heavy and exhausting for parents; having a good morning routine for kids will help keep you on the right track and stress-free day.

A crazy morning routine will knock you off your game and will further make you not to be appropriately engaged with other activities.

This is why you need to be intentional about setting up a morning routine list that will help your sanity as a mother without leaving you frustrated.

Having practiced these morning routine ideas, I can comfortably say that they are the best things that could happen to any mother. 

I no longer scream to my voice as things are now in order in my home. Planning a morning routine for kids is a great help to a mother’s sanity, as well as helping the child be productive. While trying these morning routine ideas, always endeavor to make it fun and engaging to help them cooperate. 


One Will Ask, How Should Kids Have A Good Morning Routine?

I have once asked this question during my first year nursing my son until I learned how to manage our morning routine, which brought so much peace to our family.


How Should Kids Have A Good Morning Routine?

Morning routine well planned and followed by the kids will not only give a mom a nice day but will also help provide a balanced and well-organized environment for the youngsters.

It requires infinite energy from parents before they can develop a good morning routine. Having a good morning routine is achievable only if we follow these simple steps.

Be intentional with what you are trying to achieve with setting a morning routine for the kids. An ordered presentation of what they need to do should be written down. This has worked for my kids and me, and hopefully, it will help you get back to your groove.

Below are 10 effective morning routine lists for your kids.


1.  Set A Sleeping Schedule

Here is a practical guide to follow so that your kids will get enough sleep. Children around 6-13 years of age should be made to sleep for 9-11 hours. Teens that are 14-17 need about 8-10 hours to get enough sleep. Make sure everyone is getting enough and proper amount of sleep.

Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Make sure that your kids stick to consistent daytime and nighttime schedules to help regulate sleep. Stay consistent with your routine. 

You can also set the mood for sleep by creating an ideal sleep environment. You can regulate the temperature and light’s level in your children’s room so they can sleep comfortably.

Sleep is very necessary and important for healthy living. It is also important to have schedules for sleep in order to get enough of it. Their morning routine should be able to be in line with their sleep schedule.

When kids are sleep-deprived, it is always difficult getting them to be productive during the day. Even toddlers have schedules, and when this schedule is being followed, they will get in their best form.

During those periods, my kids are well rested at night. Everything goes better, especially in the morning. They wake up refreshed and happy instead of grumpy. 

 2.  Start From The Night Before

There are many things you need to do to enable the kids to get over their morning routine. The more you can get the night before, the better your morning will be. Having your kids prepare a night before will contribute to developing a good morning routine. 

Here is the list of things you can do over the night:

  • You can get them to pick their clothes for the next day and arrange them in order.
  • Get their lunch packs ready and set a night before. 
  • You should endeavor to get the children’s school essentials ready and organize their backpacks and homework the night before so they can be prepared to go in the morning. Adopting this tip will ensure that there will be no more lost homework or running around to find the kids’ favorite pencils.


3.  Wake Up Before The Kids 

In maintaining a morning routine for kids, it is very important that you wake before the kids are up. Take this time to get yourself ready so that when the kids are awake, you can assist them without sacrificing your personal routine.

This will enable you to be fully set before they are awake. Waking before them will also create a chance for your ‘me time.

This can also give you the opportunity to have what they can’t do for themselves set. Before your kids wake up, have some time organizing yourself or enjoying a cup of coffee.

Below are ideas of what you can do while waiting for the kids to wake up;

  • Meditate on what will set your mood in a positive light.
  • Taking a cup of coffee will be of great help too.
  • Do something you love. You can read short-length write-ups also to rewind.
  • This could also be a time to check your email and messages.


4.  Set An Alarm

 No matter their age, it is still necessary to have an early morning alarm clock beside the kid’s bed. Sleep can sometimes be long, so having an alarm set will enable a timed wake-up for them.

Alarm clocks can be helpful for keeping sleep schedules regular. It will also help them wake up around same time each day. This will also keep their morning routine consistent.


5.  Prepare A To-Do List

 In developing a morning routine for kids having a to-do list makes for an easy reduction of the day’s activities. It also enables preparedness amongst kids.

This will help your child in the routine and in which order to follow. You can create a customized card and put it where they can see and follow the routine. Morning routine ideas which should be included in their to-do list are:

  • Proper arrangement of bed. They should be taught on how to make their bed daily and as a part of their morning routine.
  • Having the lights turned off. You can have them turn off the lights in their bedroom.
  • Cleaning the room. A quick clean-up in their bedroom should be included.
  • 15 minutes exercise will also help prepare their mind and body for the day also.
  • Visit the bathroom. 
  • If there’s a pet around, it is a good thing to have the kids feed the pets.


6.  High Protein Breakfast

This is very important as the kids need to fuel up with a protein-filled breakfast to kickstart the day. Being hungry or dehydrated can cause kids to not feel their best and distract them during their school activities. Make sure your kids are well hydrated before heading out of the door.

This is so helpful to my family, and I did well to include it in the morning routine for kids. While it is important to have breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day—it doesn’t have to create extra pressure for you and your kids.

Plan some easy breakfast meals that you can have in hand for your family. To get them going in the morning and reduce workload and stress, you need to have their breakfast prepared and set in the morning instead of getting up and asking your kids what they will love for breakfast or trying to think of something.

You should have a breakfast plan. Make a breakfast rotation schedule and assign every day to different food. Do some meal preparation and have breakfast already made that you can grab and go or quickly heated in the morning. This approach has helped me get my kids in other with their daily routine.


7.  Include Potty Time

It is important to add potty time to the morning routine for kids. This will enable them to have their system freed and equally cultivate that as part of their lifestyle.

You do not have to worry over your kid stopping you at the supermarket to ease themselves, as this could be embarrassing and time-consuming. Let them develop it as a habit and routine to use the toilet each morning.


8.  Help Them Achieve These Routines

As parents, we need to assist them while they carry out their good morning routine. Be easy on them as this will make your job very easy too. Morning routines for kids are not a walk-in park as this could be heavy on them at the start.

As they get used to their morning routine, also point out where they need to be stronger, like equipping them with materials needed for ease of work.

Do not leave kids to work on their own. Follow them up and watch what they are doing, but also learn how to strike a balance with your own routine.

My kids always find it easy with their morning routine each time I guide them through it. I do not have to do it for them but, I make sure I monitor them and direct whatever they are doing for the smooth running of the home.


9.  Keep It Simple

I discovered that the more simple you make the daily morning routine, the easier it is to adapt. When you put in the effort to keep it simple, you will eventually flow in their growth pattern.

Also, keep in mind that the kids might be struggling with so many things, so morning routine ideasshould be kid-friendly and straightforward to pull over.

As much as we will like the kids to be good at carrying out their routines, it is perfect if we make them easy and age-appropriate for them.

The routine in the morning shouldn’t be flooded as getting ready for the day should not be a stressful job. Remember, they are kids. Keep it simple and easy to carry out. Do not overindulge them during this time.


10.  Do Not Involve Screen Time

Their morning routine is not expected to have available space for screen time. Take away objects that could trigger playtimes at the exact period, such as toys, tablets, television.

These should be avoided so that kids will get in their best behavior with fewer distractions in practicing their morning routine. 

To further follow up with the morning routine list for kids above, here are the necessary step you need to take to see that they are achievable.

These tips will enable your own schedule to go in line with the daily routine ideas for kids which will help the family be in better shape.

  • Set a sleeping time to enable them to get on the bed early, which will make them get at least 8-10 hours of sleep that is needed for kids around their age.
  • Make their bed in order for them to sleep in a comfortable environment as this will also prepare their minds for the next day.
  • Their lunch set for the next day should be arranged and packed also, as this will help eliminate the stress of the next morning routine. If your kids love toasted bread for a lunch pack, you might try getting the ingredients ready for the next day.
  • This also includes getting their clothes properly selected for the next morning. Some kids will love to select their clothes themselves, then if that be the case, allow them to do it or you include that in their morning routine to-do list.

 Routine is very important, especially for kids, because it makes them feel safe and secure in an environment. Not only that, it is also a learning opportunity for them.

Below is a simple chart to run their morning routine in preparation for school.

 7:30 am: This is a wake-up time for the kids.

7:40 am: They should work with their to-do list

8:00 am: Eat breakfast

8:30 am: Set for school.

A good morning routine helps the entire family start off feeling good.


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