16 Important Life Skills Children Need To Learn

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The mind at birth is a clean slate, ideas from parents, the environment and society gradually build in and form what makes up a child’s mindset. A child can be molded and shaped from the early years into a well-rounded individual. It all depends on what you input in him. As a parent, one of the best things you can teach your child early enough is learning life skills.

Life isn’t going to be a merry ride all the time. There will be bumps and gallops here and there that you have to deal with. You will have to teach your kids, the reality, that life, turns and twists into its mold.

And to survive, one has to be strong, need to learn how to adapt, survive challenging times, handle disappointments. Kids need a lot of skills to make them thrive And live successfully. Below are some essential life skills for kids that parents should use to build their kids


1.  Time Management

Time is a fleeting bird. If only kids know that, if only they know the value of time, they won’t spend it on the many unnecessary things they do. As your kid gets older, begin to teach them time management skills.

If they don’t know how to value time, they won’t use it optimally. When you have those mother and child talks, make sure you discuss with them, the importance of timing. Do not fail to relay examples of how timing helped you in time past and how you missed out a great deal when you failed to manage time.

Kids love stories and examples so make sure you paint a nice picture of things. Also, start setting routines that help them manage time. Use alarm clocks to get them to wake up early, give them a time limit in each of the activities and try to be a model yourself. Make schedules, get planners or timetables that they could follow, cut down their TV time and plan strategic activities for them to make them effective.


2.  Cooking

Start teaching your child to cook from an early age. Now I don’t mean your intention should be turning them to a chef from age 2. What I mean is, giving your child, the basic training on how to prepare basic meals for himself. Over time, it has been shown that those who eat a homemade meal are healthier, they save more money, and eat lesser calories.

So, get your kids involved in cooking as soon as they come of age. The kitchen is not a sacred place for only mummies. Yes, they will be a bit messy, but you are teaching them something that would pay off in the future. Start from simple things like making beverage drinks.

Teach them how to make lemonade and other simple drinks. When they have mastered it you can start introducing other simple meals like sandwiches, pancakes, and others.

Then they can learn how to Butter bread, dice carrots and vegetables. You both may even begin to look up great recipes to try out. When your kids are good at cooking, they will be able to survive. Also, on hectic days you can conveniently assign them to make meals it will be such a great relief. Cooking is a life skill any child will appreciate from their parents.


3.  Laundry

From Age 2 and ½ to 3 you can make your kid start washing a few stuff like handkerchiefs, socks, and pants when they’re dirty. When they grow older, they can wash small shorts and a shirt and you can handle the bigger clothes.

Do not make laundry solely your job engage them in it so that they do not become dependent and slobby and dirty and when they are older.


4.  Cleanliness And Good Hygiene

This is the #4 life skills for kids. Kids are generally messy and since you take care of the mess it won’t bother them so much but when you make them clean up their messes they become very careful and cautious the next time.

Let your kid know the importance of good cleanliness and make them tidy up when they mess up somewhere. Cleaning up is one of the things kids do not love to do. When they see that they have to clean up they will be more careful and even warn others who mess up where they have cleaned.

It is also important to inspect and ensure that they are doing it right and do necessary corrections. Teach them to wash their hands before and after meals, after using the toilet, or when coming from outings. Teach them to keep their rooms clean, let them learn to flush after using the toilet, wash fruits before eating and observe other hygiene practices.


5.  Deciding For Themselves

In life, we are faced with many challenges and will have to make the right decisions. It is important to teach your kids to make the right decisions.

It seems easier and faster to just make decisions for them but instead of doing that, won’t you rather suggest to the child and let them make their own decision? Developing decision-making skills is one of the very important things to teach your child.

Also, let the child make mistakes let him see how it turned out instead of yelling and correcting. When your child asks for your opinion on something bring the facts before the kid and tell him it’s his choice to make and that you will be expecting him to make the right choice.

Very importantly correct the wrongs too. Let him know where he missed it. Create situations real or made up where the child would have to make decisions for himself. You’ll be teaching him a very vital lesson.


6.  Ability To Stand Up For Himself

You will not always be a mother hen hovering around her chicks. One day your kids will have to have to live in the world and stand on their own. From early on, you need to teach your child how to stand up for himself. Whenever your kids quarrel and one comes crying to you, you don’t always have to fight for him instead teach him how to fight for himself.

He should address the offender and come out strong. Also, teach the child to speak up and be confident, never look down on anybody, and should not allow people to same to him.

Teach your child to be bold and brave and politely speak his mind. If your child is scared of his mates, do things that will boost his self-confidence. If you have to enroll your child in some basic self-defense classes like karate all well and good. Your child will need confidence from you to stand up for himself. Self-control is a valuable life skill for kids, to learn early in life.


7.  Financial Intelligence

Your kids are not too young to start having financial literacy. They need to know how to earn money. You can give them small tasks and make them earn from them.

Teach them how to spend wisely, teach them about investing and why it is important. Get a piggy bank and let them start learning how to save. Instead of meeting all their needs make them work for them sometimes. Make them know the importance of avoiding debt.


8.  Communication Skills

Many parents think communication isn’t as essential as much, but it is. People are classified as introverts and extroverts meaning some kids will be more vocal and outspoken and others quiet and reserved. If you have outspoken kids, you need to train them to know how to manage it.

They need not be too loud all the time. They need to know that there are some times when they have to be quiet. Also, if you have kids who are quite shy, you need to encourage them to go out and talk sometimes. Teach your kids to avoid being rude and talk politely.


9. Organisations Skills

They will show marked productivity In their academics or character when they learn how to be organized. So, another life skill for kids is to teach them to be organized. Checklists, schedules, and routines and not only meant for adults, your kids too can start using them.

Instead of them roaming around the house or playing while you are working make them use that time to be productive. Set routines for them that can engage them. You can think of creative things to do. It doesn’t always have to be chores. You can teach them to organize their day by putting on a lot of fun activities.


10.  How To Handle Failure

We don’t win it all, sometimes we win and celebrate, and sometimes we fail, count the losses, and push to do better. Teach your kids that. Many kids do not take failure very well. They easily get angry, hurt, and disappointed. You will need to teach them that they will encounter failure at some point in their life.

But whatever the case they should have the right attitude to it. #10 life skills for kids is teaching them how to handle failure. Your kids should learn that things may not always go the way they planned them but that should not serve as a setback.

Make them see failure as an opportunity and a second chance in itself to grow, learn and become better. You should encourage them to always have the right attitude when they encounter difficult times.


11. How To Go Shopping

By Simply letting the child make his choices of the clothes to buy or some items in the household you can start introducing your child into the world of shopping.

Let him always be there when you go to grocery shops and as you buy, explain the different sections of the store to them so they understand what is what. From there, your kid can start making simple purchases.

You buy the biggest stuff, while they buy simple snacks for the home. As they grow older start teaching them how to compare prices, how to go for quality items, how to check out different stores before making a purchase.


12.  Doing Chores

As a smart mum, when your kids are old enough start involving them in household chores. Most times kids love to help us work but we “shoo” them away because of course, they make the job messier and slower.

So they get used to the fact that chores are only for mummies. Let your boy and girl child be involved in chores for the home. Plan it out for them. Small toddlers can pick up toys and put them away, can wipe the tables and chairs.

Older children learn to wash the car, wash dishes, join in preparing meals, assist in laundry, folding clothes, etc. Ensure you teach them how to arrange the room, make the bed, clean the bathroom, and other jobs to do around the house. Find chores that are age-appropriate and incorporate them into their routines. Let them build their muscles and grow to be stronger adults.


13.  How To Adapt To Change

Change is constant and the kid knowing that early enough makes him more capable to succeed. The ability to be resilient and adapt to change is one skill you should be building your kid.

You can do this by not providing them with everything, allow them to earn something, make them face some challenging situations, let them sweat it out, and find answers to the problem.

Create tough situations for them sometimes and see how they cope and adjust. Make them go for camps or outings, where they will be alone without you, and see how they survive.


14.  Etiquette And Social Behaviours

Another life skill for kids is teaching your child basic etiquette and social behaviors. The first person they should learn social etiquette is you.

Teach your child how to respect people, welcome guests, greet, hang coats, help the elderly, be kind and honest, how to be quiet in the library or church, wash hands before eating, how to use cutlery, when to speak, and when to be quiet, those things to say on those things that should be kept secret. There are so many basic rules you can teach your child to them exceptional and stand out.


15.  Basic Traveling Skills

Make the child accustomed to the environment first so that he will know that there is a bigger world away from the home. Let him play around, let him learn how to connect streets and avenues close to the home.

As they grow bigger let them learn how to find the way around the house, do not always drive them in the car, sometimes take a bus, use to train or other means of transportation you have around.

They should also learn how to buy tickets and know how to pay their fares and when they’re big enough to start letting them use other means of transportation. Sometimes let them travel away from home for a visit to Grandma’s and learn about other environments.


16. Independence

Make them learn early enough to do things on their own and not having to depend on people every time.

By engaging them in house chores, teaching them to prepare simple meals, pack their bags, keep their properties safe, teaching them to play on their own sometimes, not being too clingy and overprotective, making them make them make their own choices, offering suggestions rather than always giving solutions, you teach your child to be independent. Independence is a life skill for kids, that you should teach as a parent.


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