300 Positive Affirmations Your Child Needs To Hear

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affirmations for kids


Positive thinking is one of the ways we can use to better our health(mental/physical), manage stress, overcome challenges, and make better choices.

Positive thinking begins from what we hear, think about, and re-affirm. By speaking positive words to ourselves and others, we change our thought patterns and configure our minds to think positive thoughts despite the situation.

Habits are cultivated easier and quicker when younger, kids and young adults could use more positive words and thoughts in their lives. By speaking and thinking more positively, kids learn to develop self-confidence and take action to fulfill their potentials.


What Are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are words or statements that emphasize positivity, a “Yes spirit” and gets rid of negative thought patterns. Positive Affirmations do not make room for impossibilities, instead, it builds confidence, hope, and self-esteem.


How Do You Teach Children Affirmations?

Imparting these positive affirmations for kids is not a big issue, all it takes is a bit of time and effort. This can be done by incorporating these affirmations into their daily routine.

It can be written on cardboard papers and pasted at strategic points like the dresser, bathroom mirror, fridge, etc.
Also, these affirmations can be read aloud to the kids during their leisure time; they can come in the form of ted talks before and after a major event, before bedtime, and after they wake up in the morning.

Kids can be taught these affirmations in the form of podcasts, audio clips, songs, and most importantly by making them recite it to themselves.


Positive affirmations for girls


Positive Affirmations For Kids

It’s important to help kids and youngsters to develop a positive mentality and approach to life as early as possible. This motivates them to take on challenges bravely without getting easily discouraged. These affirmations can be read out loud to children early in the morning and late at night before bedtime.

1.   “There is no one better to be than myself.”

2.   “I am enough.”

3.   “I get better every single day.”

4.   “I am an amazing person.”

5.   “All of my problems have solutions.”

6.   “Today I am a leader.”

7.   “I forgive myself for my mistakes.”

8.   “My challenges help me grow.”

9.   “I am perfect just the way I am.”

10.   “My mistakes help me learn and grow.”

11.   “Today is going to be a great day.”

12.   “I have courage and confidence.”

13.   “I can control my own happiness.”

14.   “I have people who love and respect me.”

15.  “I stand up for what I believe in. I believe in my goals and dreams.”

16.   “It’s okay not to know everything.”

17.   “Today I choose to think positive. I can get through anything.”

18.   “I can do anything I put my mind to.”

19.   “I give myself permission to make choices.”

20.   “I can do better next time.”

21.   “I have everything I need right now.”

22.   “I am capable of so much.”

23.   “Everything will be okay.”

24.   “I believe in myself.”

25.  “I am proud of myself.”

26.   “I deserve to be happy.”

27.   “I am free to make my own choices.”

28.   “I deserve to be loved.”

29.   “I can make a difference.”

30.   “Today I choose to be confident.”

31.   “I am in charge of my life.”

32.   “I have the power to make my dreams true.”

33.   “I believe in myself and my abilities.”

34.   “Good things are going to come to me.”

35.   “I matter.”

36.   “My confidence grows when I step outside of my comfort zone.”

37.   “My positive thoughts create positive feelings.”

38.   “Today I will walk through my fears.”

39.   “I am open and ready to learn.”

40.   “Every day is a fresh start.”

41.   “If I fall, I will get back up again. I am whole.”

42.   “I only compare myself to myself.”

43.   “I can do anything.”

44.   “It is enough to do my best.”

45.   “I can be anything I want to be.”

46.   “I accept who I am.”

47.   “Today is going to be an awesome day.”

48.   “It’s okay to make mistakes.”

49.   “I am making the right choices.”

50.   “I surround myself with positive people.”

51.   “I am a product of my decisions.”

52.   “I am strong and determined.”

53.   “Today is going to be my day.”

54.   “I have inner beauty.”

55.   “I have inner strength.”

56.   “No matter how hard it is, I can do it.”

57.   “I can live in the moment.”

58.   “I start with a positive mindset.”

59.   “Anything is possible.”

60.   “I radiate positive energy.”

61.   “Wonderful things are going to happen to me.”

62.   “I can take deep breaths.”

63.   “With every breath, I feel stronger.”

64.   “I am an original.”

65.   “I deserve all good things.”

66.   “My success is just around the corner.”

67.   “I give myself permission to make mistakes.”

68.   “I am thankful for today.”

69.   “I strive to do my best every day.”

70.   “I’m going to push through.”

71.   “I’ve got this.”

72. “I can take it one step at a time.”

73.   “I’m working at my own pace.”

74.   “I’m going to take a chance.”

75.   “Today I am going to shine.”

76.   “I am going to get through this.”

77.   “I’m choosing to have an amazing day.”

78.   “I am in control of my emotions.”

79.   “My possibilities are endless.”

80.   “I am calm and relaxed.”

81.   “I am a good friend.”

82.   “I am thoughtful and kind.”

83.   “I enjoy spending time with myself.”

84.   “I am strong, inside and out.”

85.   “I am gentle.”

86.   “I reach for the stars.”

87.   “Miracles happen to me.”

88.   “I am joyful.”

89.   “I am patient.”

90.   “I am brave.”

91.   “I am perfect just the way I am.”

92.   “I keep my body healthy.”

93.   “I enjoy healthy food.”

94.   “I am ready to seize the opportunities of the day.”

95.   “I am awesome.”

96.   “I care about others.”

97.   “I feel joy in every corner of my body.”

98.   “I work hard.”

99.   “Life is fun.”

100.   “I make the right decisions.”


Positive Affirmations For Little Girls

Positive affirmations for kids

These affirmations are especially for young females and encourages them to believe in themselves and work towards their goals.  Encouraging young girls to repeat these affirmations to themselves will sure leave a positive mark in their lives, and thoughts.

1.   “I am working on myself.”

2.   “I’m prepared to succeed.”

3.   “I am beautiful inside and out.”

4.   “Everything is fine.”

5.   “My voice matters.”

6.   “I accept myself for who I am.”

7.   “I am building my future.”

8.   “I choose to think positively.”

9.   “My happiness is up to me.”

10.   “I’m starting a new chapter today.”

11.   “I trust in my decisions.”

12.   “I can change the world.”

13.   “I am smart.”

14   “I choose my own attitude.”

15.   “I am important.”

16.   “I am becoming the best version of myself.”

17.   “Today I will spread positivity.”

18.   “The more I let it go, the better I will feel.”

19.   “My mistakes help me learn and grow.”

20.   “I have the power to make my dreams true.”

21.   “I am loved.”

22.   “I listen to my heart.”

23.   “I am safe.”

24.   “I have lots of friends who love me.”

25.   “My dreams are coming true.”

26.   “I am helpful.”

27.   “I am friendly.”

28.   “Every problem has an answer.”

29.   “I am kind.”

30.   “I can do it.”

31.   “I play well with others.”

32.   “I’m intelligent.”

33.   “I act responsibly.”

34.   “I am calm.”

35.   “I love myself even though I sometimes fail.”

36.   “Every day brings new opportunities.”

37.   “I accept and love myself.”

38.   “I am relaxed.”

39.   “I have faith in myself.”

40.   “I am brave.”

41.   “I have trust in myself.”

42.   “I am generous.”

43.   “I am loving.”

44.   “I meet great decisions.”

45.   “I am kind to all.”

46.   “I am protected.”

47.   “Whatever I do, I give my best.”

48.   “I am exactly where I need to be.”

49.   “I trust in my abilities.”

50.   “I solve problems.”

How do you teach children affirmations?

51.   “I am unique.”

52.   “I have lots of energy.”

53.   “I am peaceful.”

54.   “I can become whatever I want to be.”

55.   “I embrace change.”

56.   “I make friends easily.”

57.   “My intuition is a guide showing me the right direction.”

58.   “I accomplish great results.”

59.   “I have a beautiful imagination.”

60.   “I am confident.”

61.   “I welcome the unfoldment of events.”

62.   “I am caring.”

63.   “I find creative solutions to my problems.”

64.   “I think positive.”

65.   “I am thankful.”

66.   “I am courageous.”

67.   “I am gentle with myself and others.”

68.   “I am whole.”

69.   “I enjoy testing new ideas.”

70.   “I have happy thoughts.”

71.   “I forgive others for their mistakes.”

72.   “I reach my goals.”

73.   “Problems are challenges to better me.”

74.   “I get better and better every day.”

75.   “I discover the beauty in everything.”

76.   “I am in charge of my life.”

77.   “All is well.”

78.   “I enjoy discovering something new.”

79.   “My family and friends love me for who I am.”

80.   “I am a good friend to myself.”

81.   “I enjoy learning.”

82.   “I have many good friends.”

83.   “I am very creative.”

84.   “I believe in my abilities.”

85.   “I am persistent.”

86. “I understand complex problems quickly.”

87.   “I am forgiving.”

88.   “I am honest.”

89.   “I am trustworthy.”

90.   “I always find ways to overcome challenges”

91.   “I am compassionate.”

92.   “I listen to my inner wisdom.”

93.   “I am open to new and exciting possibilities”

94.   “I make friends easily”

95.   “I am growing up well”

96.   “I give freely.”

97.   “I am a good influence on others. I am carrying.”

98.   “I draw inspiration from life and my role models.”

99.   “I am awesome.”

100.   “I have good friends.”


Positive Affirmations For Boys

Boyhood is an important stage in the lives of all growing males. Till their initiation/passage into manhood, they face important responsibilities and are very vulnerable at this stage which is why we have compiled these affirmations for little boys and teen males.

Saying this will help encourage and strengthen their resolve to be the best versions of themselves.


1.   “I am strong and resilient, I can handle every situation.”

2.   “I am in the process of becoming the best version of myself.”

3.   “My strongest desires are being fulfilled now.”

4.   “My world changes with my mindset and thoughts.”

5.   “I am talented enough and I know how to sell my talent”

6.   “I won’t let people take advantage of me.”

7.   “I am not controlled by the opinion of others.”

8.   “I am confident and powerful.”

9.   “I know how to be confident in social situations.”

10.   “I am satisfied with what I have and I’ll keep working for what I want.”

11.   “I am very smart and good at whatever I do”

12.  “People enjoy my company.”

13.   “I am confident about my body and look.”

14.   “I am growing stronger every day.”

15.   “I am very close to achieving my goals.”

16.   “I am worthy of wealth and Peace.”

17.   “I always fight for my beliefs.”

18.   “I am getting more confident about myself with every new challenge.”

19.   “I am attractive and I radiate good vibes.”

20.   “I don’t fake my identity to impress people.”

21.   “I am proud of who I am becoming.”

22.   “I like who I am.”

23.   “I value my worth.”

24.   “I am worthy of love, peace and happiness.”

25.   “I deserve to be successful.”

26.   “I am worthy of love and a lot of people value me.”

27.   “If you don’t respect me, you don’t have a place in my life.”

28.   “I’ll never give anyone a right or power to destroy my self-esteem.”

29.   “I can speak up for myself.”

30.   “I attract wealth and successful people.”

31.   “I believe in myself.”

32.   “I am attractive and good looking”

33.   “I am witty and smart.”

34.   “I see myself as a strong and confident boy”

35.   “I am a leader and I always focus on my goals and desires.”

36.   “I embrace my masculinity.”

37.   “I am in love with my true self.”

38.   “I keep my words to myself and others.”

40.   “I surround myself with other strong and capable boys.”

41.   “I am a magnet to new opportunities.”

42.   “I understand that my actions become habits so I will always do the right things.”

43.   “I am courageous and fearless.”

44.   “I am not a victim of my circumstances.”

45.   “I have strong willpower.”

46.   “I am focused and disciplined.”

47.   “I have a vision and I work for it every day.”

48.   “I am in peace with myself.”

49.   “I am generous and I help those who need my help.”

50.   “I am a work in progress and I have come to understand that my progress never ends. I can always do better. I can always do more. I can always help.”

51.   “The insignificant actions of others do not have to impact my life in a significant way.”

52.   “I matter. My beliefs matter. My voice matters.”

53.   “I am not here for nothing. I am here for everything. I am here to live, not to die.”

54.   “My choices matter in so many ways and I believe I am making the right ones.”

55.   “Compliments do not boost my confidence. My confidence comes from competence.”

56.   “If I will only change my thoughts, I can change the whole world.”

57.   “Being a doormat for others is out of the question. I don’t mind helping people, but I will not tolerate being pushed around.”

59.   “I am content with myself no matter what others think of me because I believe I am heading in the right direction with my life.”

60.   “I am performing well in my career and will continue to learn how to do even better.”

61.   “I deserve good things in life. My mistakes were nothing more or less than mistakes and I have learned from them.”

62.   “It’s perfectly okay to smile when I’m happy, cry when I’m sad, to show gratitude when I’m thankful, and to laugh through each and every day.”

63.   “My ideas are changing the world but only when I share them with others.”

64.   “Success attracts itself to me and I have discovered wealth comes in so many forms.”

65.   “I have abilities that no one else has and I will use them to make the world a better place.”

66.   “I am not some random person who has no role to play in the world. I was specifically chosen to make the world a better place and I am”

67.   “Whether I look at the big or small picture, I can still see how important I am.”

68.   “When facing uncertainty, I am certain that the uncertainty is there for a reason.”

69.   “I am not going to fail today.”

70.   “My success and failure are in my hands.

71.   “I accomplish my objectives every day.”

72.   “I boldly face every challenge that comes.”

73.   “I know when to meet a challenge head on and when to walk away.”

74.   “I don’t give up when things get difficult. I expect to work for what I want.”

75.   “I have gifts and, with that, the responsibility to make good use of them.”

76.   “I’m not here to impress people. I’m here to make good things happen.”

77.   “I’m ready to do something that scares me today.

78.   “I’m ready to learn something new about myself today.”

79.   “I’m willing to risk failure — or to fail better — with something worth doing today.”

80.   “I’m willing to risk embarrassment to have someone’s back today.”

81.   “I’m resilient. I learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward.”

82.   “I define who I am. I decide what I do. I control how I live my life.”

83.   “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. No games.”

84.   “My purpose comes from within — not from someone else.”

85.   “No one will break me down on the inside unless I let them.”

86.   “Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt.”

87.   “I am assertive and strong.”

88.   “I am smart, generous, and good at what I do.”

89.   “My confidence grows stronger every day.”

90.   “I will continue to learn and to grow.”

91.   “I have a healthy and positive body image.”

92.   “I love the way I look. What others think doesn’t concern me.”

93.   “I am worthy of opportunities to excel and to develop my gifts.”

94.   “I will not stress about things I cannot control.”

95.   “I am proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve learned. I’ll never stop.”

96.   “I don’t have to change myself to impress anyone.”

97.   “Respect is earned, and I work to earn it every day.”

98.   “No one who won’t risk their pride to have my back deserves a place in my life.”

99.   “Self-love isn’t selfishness. I have to love myself before I can love others.”

100.   “I cannot stop bad things from happening, but I can make the best of a bad situation”

101.   “Today, I abandon the habits that hold me back and embrace those that lift me up.”

102.   “I don’t let negative thoughts stop me from being kind or from getting things done.”

103.   “There is no room in my life for false humility. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished.”

104.   “My confidence and well-being do not depend on what others think of me.”

105.   “I walk with dignity, radiating power and confidence.”

Affirmations have direct contact with the subconscious mind and it changes the programming of the subconscious mind. Hence, you can make your children say them, listen to them when they are sleeping or and while awake as well.

Positive affirmations do work and should be practiced on a daily basis. Not only will it drastically change your life, it gets rid of negative thoughts, will raise your level of confidence and be the push you need, to greater heights.

Save this for later mama!

Positive affirmations for babies

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