50 Birthday Gifts For Kids To Make Them Feel Special

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Birthdays are special occasions, especially for kids. One thing that parents should not miss on every birthday is a birthday gift.

A birthday gift is a way you show your love for your kids, that you care, and to celebrate with them and make the occasion special.

There are tons of birthday gifts ideas that sometimes, even picking the right one may be difficult. Don’t stress out; below are 50 Birthday gifts for kids carefully picked out for the different age range.


1.  A Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

do you have a kid that is so in love with space? And is so eager to see it. It is a perfect birthday gift for that kid. With the discovery kids projector, his dream of seeing the space could just come through.

 From the comfort of his bedroom, he can watch the night sky, moving planets, And constellations. Wouldn’t that be so wonderful?


2.  A Britannica All New Kids Encyclopaedia

Make your kids move from the known to the unknown, spark up their curiosity by buying this kid’s encyclopedia. It is a perfect gift idea for an imaginative child in your home, church, or school.

I bet the child would love you much more for this. This 404-page compact book contains many things to learn, from history to science and our everyday lives. It is a must-buy.


3.  Kid Binoculars

Your kid will grow to see the world someday. Make him start by observing the things around him with kid’s binoculars. With it, he could learn the skills of observation, attention to detail even alertness.


4.  Remouldable Cars

This car is quite different from the regular plastic cars that can wear off with time or break or crash when hit.

In the remould able car, apart from the chassis, the other parts are made from kinetic sand, special sand like clay that can retain its shape for a long time, and the good thing is that even if it’s dented, it can be remoulded again.


5.   Science Experiment Kit

It is a thoughtful gift you could buy as a birthday gift for kids, especially when you know you have a young scientist at home.


6.  A Piggy Bank.

Encourage the habit of saving in your kids by gifting them a Piggy Bank when they get to an age where they understand money.

Make them stash whatever monetary gifts they get from Older friends, teachers, even you, the parent inside the Piggy Bank.

The thought of them spending the money on those treats on their wish list will make them eager to save.


7.  Their Very Own Diary

You should want your kids to be self-expressive and imaginative. Gifting them a diary is something that can help them achieve that.

Make it something fancy in their favourite cartoon character or their favourite colours and explain the usefulness of a diary.

They can always write their feelings in their journal, whenever they are hurt, happy, sad, etc. They could write any ideas they have in mind.

Not every one of your kids may utilize this so well for now. I remember dumping my diary for other fun things when I was smaller, but you could use it and become great writers, even script a writer with some encouragement.


8.  Zing Air Hunters Z Curve Bow

I think this is a fantastic birthday gift for a kid who loves combat. To practice archery or even play hunting, it comes with a stretchable bow and soft tips. 


9.  A Coding Robot

What a great and fun way to introduce kids to coding; they would love this awesome Artie 3000 robot.


10.  A Talking Cookie Jar

It is a great birthday gift for kids under five years old that want to learn number and basic accounting skills.

The red smiley face of the Jar is sure to draw the attention of your little one, plus it has a funny voice that will keep them seated and interested in the game of counting and learning numbers. I consider this a very useful gift for kids under five.


11.  Mega Building Blocks

Building blocks are an all-time favorite kids toy, but you should go for mega ones that are colorful and light-in-weight for your kids below five years because they could easily swallow the tiny ones.

The blocks are colourful so they could learn about colors and help develop motor skills. They also get to know counting in a fun way. This toy comes with a set of 80 pieces and a bag for easy storage.


12.  3D Play Carpet

It comes with a beach house, farmhouse, a mini-city, and traffic designs. The play carpet is suitable for younger kids of Age 1 and 2 years. The good thing is that the carpet Isn’t permanent so, it can be rolled up and stored for later use.


13.  Alphabet Robot (Alphabots)

There are tons of alphabet letters out there, but this is a unique twist of the Regular alphabet. It is an alphabet at the front and a robot at the back.

Twisting the alphabet can quickly transform into a robot so the kids can learn while having fun. It helps to read and understand—a perfect birthday gift for kidsthat are pre-schoolers. 


14.  Tonie Box, The Story Box

This box is specifically crafted to drift kid’s attention from the screen. This box is excellent for it tells stories and sings songs. With the companion app, kids can record their own stories and replay them back.

Cool right? It is called Tonie box because kids can use magnets in the magnetic tonies in the box, and it can be operated without adult supervision. With this, your kids would not have to stare at the screen all the time.


15.  A Flying Pixie And Fairies

Having a real-life pixie is cute. This crystal flyer is with a USB cord for charging, and the cool thing is that kids can control flying with the movement of their arms

16.  Blume Sky Rocket Rainbow Sparkle Surprise Doll

Imagine the surprise on your kid’s faces when they see the hair of their cute doll growing out of the flower pots when they water them. It is how the Blume Skyrocket works.

It is a gift that wouldn’t stop surprising kids again and again. The set includes three glittering Blume dolls and a raining rainbow that you can use repeatedly, plus you can use the flower pot to plant mini plants.


17.  A Digital Camera

With binoculars, a digital camera is a perfect gift idea for kids who love spending time outdoors. It is also used if you want to make your kids develop the skill of photography.

TG-6 digital camera is a top choice as it is compact, portable, very durable, and you know what, they can use it underwater.


18.  The Challenging Riddle Book

A great riddle book By Daniel Hall. The book has tons of Riddles, Brainteasers, And puzzles to make kids think critically and out of the box, and of course, when they get stuck, there are clues at the back of the book to put them on the right track.


19.  A Baking Book

It would help if you taught your kids to basics art of cooking from the early stage, And a baking book Specially made for kids Is a great way to do that.

The one by food Network, The big fun kid baking book, is a great way to introduce kids to the art of baking In a fun way.

There are tons of recipes for cookies, Cakes, etc., that you can make from your kitchen while you guys have fun together.


20.  The Rainbow Silicone Toy

A cute gift for 0 years to 1-year plus. It can serve as an excellent decor in the nursery room And later, A tether Or even a bath toy. It can even be a form of distracting kids when they cry.


21.  A Moon Lamp

I love this moon lamp because It has such a calming effect. It serves as a lovely bed lamp, especially when you are saying those great bedtime stories.

The good thing is that it comes in different colors and sizes And it’s suitable for all ages of kids.


22.  A Baby Shark Tablet

Which baby doesn’t like Baby Shark? Even adults love it. Getting a baby shark tablet for your boy or girl who is a fan of baby shark is a thoughtful birthday gift for that kid.

A great idea. It is a fun way for small kids to learn alphabets, songs, and other essential things they need to know from a young age.


23.  Kids Sewing Kit

It is an excellent way for kids to learn about the essential art of Needlework. They can create fun DIY projects and gifts for their teachers, friends, favorite uncles, and aunts.

The kit comes with different designs they can practice like unicorn, butterfly, turtle. This gift pack is suitable for ages four and above.


24.  Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

It is a fun way for kids to make Their snowballs, cones, slushies, and other ice-cold treats for themselves and friends who come around for a party.

This machine is compact, easy to clean, and fits easily into the kitchen cabinet so the kids can maintain it.


25.  A Color Book

Giving your kid a color book with their favorite themes like fairies, mermaids, little garden animals, or even their favorite cartoon character is a fun way to pass the time and learn paintings and color combinations.


26.  A Gardening Kit

The first way to introduce your kids to gardening can be by giving them a Gardening kit.

It usually comes with small gardening tools like a shovel, Hand fork, Buckets, Gloves, and a manual to teach gardening basics. It can be helpful in schools during agricultural science class.


27.  A Kiddies Shaving Kit

Here is a small gift for boys that a father can give his son, especially if he’s curious about shaving. Giving him his kid is a shaving kit. It Is a fun way to demonstrate The shaving process.


28.  A Barbie Doll Styling Kit


Suppose your little girl already has a Barbie doll. You may give her a Barbie doll styling kit as an additional item she can use for styling her doll.

If you are thinking of buying a baby doll for a little girl, pairing it with a Barbie doll styling kit, it’s a great combo.

The Barbie dolls styling kit is complete with everything for the dolls wardrobe, nail varnishes, hairbrushes, hairband, bracelets, even extra clothes.


29.  A Bracelet Kit

It comes with colorful ribbons, bands, and beads to make unique DIY bracelets, necklaces, and even anklets that kids can share with their friends or siblings.


30.  A Country Dollhouse With A Stable Playset

What I like about this dollhouse and playset is that it isn’t only about dolls. It also includes horses or horses accessories for more play and fun.


31.  Art Kit By Guggenheim

This art kit comes with watercolors, crayons, color pencils, brushes, and drawing pads.

Do you know what is remarkable about ordering these materials? They give kids free access to online class sections with famous Guggenheim tutors so they can have fun and still learn from the pros.


32.  Kind Culture Co. Shine Doll

It is a soft 18-inch doll that you can get as a birthday gift for kids, for your daughters, and their friends. The doll is made with love, and the theme is to show love by gifting it to little ones.


33.  Dark Roberts Book About Empathy

This book is excellent for both adults and kids, and like the title, the book is about empathy.

Reading it would make kids consider other people’s feelings, develop compassion, and it is great for bedtime stories or when you are on a journey or to pass out time during the holidays.

I consider this a great birthday gift for kids ages five and above. 


34.  V-Tech Drill And Learn Toolbox

Famous toy company V-tech Has made another amazing toy, The VTech toolbox kit. This toy will be especially suitable for boys and girls who love to fix things.

The box comes with rubber pliers, nuts, screws, drills, and a button with voice instruction to teach kids how to use their tools, and it also has a lovely background song.


35.  Area Web Lock Architecture Big Apple Building Blocks

This building block is quite different from the regular building blocks.

The blocks and other pieces are made from pine wood and painted to look like actual city blocks. With the 74 pieces, you can choose to make skyscraper homes, towers, and other residential buildings.


36.  Mellissa Doug Food Group Toy

This toy is a great way to teach young kids the different food groups. The food pieces in the platter look so authentic.

With these, you can teach them the importance of the other food groups and make intelligent choices when selecting foods.

It is a suitable birthday gift for kids ages 1 to 3 years old. Some sets even come with meaning pots and pans.


37.  A Monthly Book Subscription

You can get your kid a monthly book subscription as a gift from Kindle or other popular kid’s books websites like book bookroom.

These sites have tons of books and literature for kids that will help stimulate their interest in reading.


38.  A Small Kid Indoor Bowling Set Crate

This bowling set is made with pins and balls made of rubber, so you are assured that it wouldn’t break easily. It is portable.

It comes with a mini backpack so that you can transport this bowling set for a holiday at grandma’s or during an outdoor picnic.


39.  ZOOB Is Said To Be A Toy With Endless Possibilities

It is a building toy that is made with axles and gears that can rotate in any direction. This toy lets you build different things, robots shapes, alphabets; it is limitless.


40.  The Nerf Gun Modulus Tri-Striker

It is a super techy gun for kids to play battle and shoot the fake enemy on site.


41.  A Theatre Box

A Go Places Please Theatre box is a great one you can give as a birthday gift for kids, mainly interested in acting and anything related to the theatre.

It comes with costumes, plot ideas, and other acting exercises they can try out to make things more real.


42.  A Mini Microphone

Kids watch talent shows and aspire to be stars someday. You can encourage this dream in your little ones by gifting them a beautiful mini microphone that they can use for singing contests at home and practice karaoke.

Most are wireless and come in different metallic colors of gold, silver, and black. They can be made to play songs from your phone to act as a singing toy.


43.  A Museum Tour Playset

It comes in different themes of classic or modernist for them to create their museum. The set has other pieces, historical and contemporary, hanged to design the museum.

There are written notes about each item, so the kids do not just have fun. They learn about the world around them in the process.


44.  Small Tea Set

Complete with cups, saucers, plates, tables, and Jugs. Your girls can have their very own tea party in this miniature tea set.

This tea set is not mainly made of glass, so you will not have to worry that it gets broken easily.


45.  Gel Blaster Surge

Like Nerf gun, Gel Blaster Surge is a non-toxic, biodegradable gel used as a bullet. They can use it for fun gun wars. It comes with safety glasses, options for changing colors, and extra gel pellets

. It has to be used with care as it hurts a bit when it hits).


46.  A Playhouse

A Playhouse is a famous collection of kid’s toys. If you have not already gotten one for your kids, getting a Playhouse for their upcoming birthday is excellent.

These days, you can get Playhouse of different cartoon characters like Barbie, Mickey Mouse, even the Bluey family.

It comes completes with the other characters and fixtures for the home that’s your kids can’t fix in the house.


47.  Melissa Dough Sweep, Dust, Mop Set

A great way to introduce your kids to clean around either at school or the home. This cleaning kit comes with a Mini mop, duster, parker, and other cleaning essentials.

I think kids should have it in their room so that they keep their rooms tidy themselves.


48.  Blitz Champs

It is one thoughtful birthday gift Idea for kids who are sports inclined. The whole family can enjoy this too.

Blitz champs sports card game is a game that teaches about sports, mathematics skills, strategy, et cetera.


49.  Rubik’s Cube

It is an educational game that teaches a lot. The flipside game is a variety of the regular Rubik’s Cube. It comes with flashing lights I need suitable for ages eight and above.


50.  Play-Doh

Now in different materials other than clay, it comes in different colors, some even with glitters. It is suitable for kids to learn about texture and to make things out of dough.


Unique Gift Ideas For Kids

There are gifts, and they are “gifts.” Are you in the search for the most unique and fabulous gifts for your kids? Below is a list of gifts that stands out from the regular.


 1.  MakeyMakey Invention Kit

With this gift, kids got event new fun things from my everyday objects like bananas apples.


2.  JoovyBicyco Balance Bike

A perfect way to start for a beginner biker. The bike gives the perfect balance for kids, and kids can drive it without Pedals.


3.  Kano Disney Frozen 2 Coding Set

Who doesn’t love Disney? With the favorite ice princesses. But you know what, this gift is not a frozen doll or Playhouse that you may expect from your regular frozen characters toys. It teaches the kids to code in a fun way.


4.  The MokoMokoIllama Pillow

It can replace the regular stuffed teddy bears. It is a soft, lightly scented pillow for better sleep.


5.  A V8-Combustion Engine Model Building kit.

Very similar to the working car engine and helps kids to rebuild.

  • A Unicobot. A robotic unicorn.
  • Star Wars Battle Stimulation Helmet.
  • Parrot’s mini drone rolling spider.
  • A bounce board.
  • An electric Ride-on Bumper Car.


Gifts For Girls

Here are some great gift ideas that are fun for your girls.

  • A personal headband kit. She could make tons of her designs.
  • Light up water-resistant packable Boo Puffer vest. This vest shines in different colors and is used for swimming.
  • Paint stickers by Unicorn and Magic. Girls love unicorns a lot, and this gift can come in handy for a little girl who is a unicorn fan.
  • A holiday snack box filled with choice snacks for the whole holiday.
  • Personalized name earrings complete with a necklace and bracelet.

Others are:

  • A sketchbook kit with different types of pencils and erasers.
  • A soap shaped in her favorite characters like a bear or unicorn. 
  • Glam-up facial sheet mask set with 12 sheets.
  • Glow city light-up basketball.
  • A dimmable 50 photo clip string lights.

These are excellent birthday gifts for your girls.


Birthday Gifts For Boys

  • A Mega fossil dig kit.
  • Graffitable wooden drawing projector. 
  • Glow city light-up basketball. 
  • A hand-operated mini-drone. 
  • How to draw things book by Alli Koch.
  • A portable camera.
  • A Rubik’s Cube.
  • Men’s shaver.
  • Lego shark suit guy Minifigure.
  • A 3 Dooler Make Your Own Hexbug Robot.
  • Bits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit.
  • Shadow board games. 
  • A Lego City Pick up and caravan building kit.
  • DIY constellation flashlight disc.


Useful Gifts For Kids

  • A monthly book subscription for kids in books websites like Kindle, Amazon, bookroom.
  • A piggy bank.
  • Dairy.
  • Camera.
  • Gardening kit.
  • A science experiment kit.
  • A recipe book.
  • A holiday snack box.
  • Beddings in your kid’s favorite cartoon character. 
  • An alarm clock.
  • Rainboot and umbrella. 
  • Kid size chair and table. 
  • Sunglasses. 
  • A watch. 
  • A personalized step stool for potty training.

Make your kid’s birthday occasion memorable with any one of these fantastic birthday gift ideas for kids.

Save this for later mama! 

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