50 Profitable Mom Stay At Home Jobs

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Stay at home jobs are becoming a popular Job choice for moms. Who would blame us? For kids’ demands, unending schedules, chores, and other demands here and there, we need something flexible to create a perfect balance for the home, job, and personal life, and mom-stay at-home jobs provide that flexibility.

Yet, it is a bold step to quit your regular 9 to 5 that provides you with some security measures, social interactions, and exposure to work from home.

That is why the choice of working from home can be a bit scary. I know how it feels. When I decided to work from home, I felt a bit scared unsure too.

Will it be stable? Does it pay well? Is it worth it? All these questions ran through my mind, but I considered the pros and cons, and so far, I am enjoying it.

There are so many profitable moms stay at home jobs available that you may be unaware of. I will only outline 50 but trust me, there are way more than that.


1.  Blogging

Blogging is getting increasingly popular. With consistency and hard work, you could be able to earn well, sometimes way more than what you make while working your regular job.

Many niches are available that you can focus on; personal development, health, food parenting, etc. Just find the one that you have more ideas on.


2.  An Online Shop

From the comfort of your home, you can run an online shop. Here you can post pictures of the things you are selling on your social media platforms, but creating a page for your shop would give you more audience.

The items you can sell could range from clothes, toys, shoes, etc. Big shops like eBay and thrifty started this way.


3.  Freelance Content Writers

The job of providing content for companies, blogs, websites, vlogs is getting increasingly popular. Content writers will always be in demand, so you’re assured of having clients all year if you do this job.

Check out popular freelance websites like Fiverr or Upwork and register. The good thing is that you do not have to be a professional writer to do this. If you can write simple sentences, you are good to go. Writers work on their own time, and the job is flexible.


4.  Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog, you have the chance to earn through affiliate marketing. It works because for every product advertised on your blog or page, you make a commission if someone clicks on your link for purchases.

There are so many good affiliate companies that you can earn very well from.


5.  Online Tutoring

With your teaching experience, you may get a teaching job from home to teach kids, teens, even adults. Tutors are sometimes paid per hour, so you determine what you earn.

There are openings for diverse fields and no disciplines in online tutoring, and unlike the regular schools, you do not need a teaching certificate to start up.


6.  Virtual Assistants

The job involves clerical and administrative duties like receiving calls, making calls, bookings, reading and responding to emails, filing, typing, and many more.

The more skilled you are, the better chances and better pay. Virtual assistance job is top on the list of online jobs right now, and it is a fantastic mom stay-at-home job you may want to try out.


7.  Resume Writer.

Sometimes writing a resume can be challenging for fresh graduates and job seekers. Since they are new into the labor market, they may not know if they do it right.

You can offer your services as a resume writer if you are good at writing cover letters, application letters, and resumes.

Do you know that you do not have to be a pro at resume writing to do this Job? Just sign up for resume writing courses, and you can be trained by taking classes by professionals.


8.  A Book-Keeper

If you are very organized and pay attention to the details, you can apply for this one. As a virtual bookkeeper, you keep records for companies files.


9.  Pet Sitting

Like babysitting, you keep people’s pets in your home and get paid for them in pet-sitting. You have to be A lover of Pets to do this one, though.


10.  Stock Photography

Can you take good pictures? If yes you, you may want to look into stock photography as a mom stay-at-home job. Start taking photos everywhere you go.

You could sell them to make extra income. Sites like shutter stock, and I stock pay people for selling them stock photos.


11.  An E-book Writer

Many are utilizing this opportunity to make money continually online, adults and teenagers alike. Why don’t you try it out? You do not have to be an established author to write an e-book.

I know someone who pays writers to help him write eBooks, and he puts them on amazon. Once the book is published, you can keep earning if it is was well written.


12.  A Web Developer

There are billions of websites available on the web today, and more will keep popping out. If you’re good at web designing, you don’t want to miss this job, for there are lots of clients available to use your skillset.


13.  A Home Tutor

If you have a reputation as a good teacher and have integrity, you may want to tutor kids from the comfort of your home and earn from it.

It could be more like extra moral coaching, even as regular tutoring. Though here, the kids switch things up. Instead of you coming to the kid’s home, the kids come over to your home for lessons. Parents will like this idea because it will be less expensive than you doing a home service.


14.  Sell Homemade Items

Are you crafty and artistic? If yes, you can work at your home, making crafts like knitted stuff, pieces of jewelry, greeting cards, clothes, even digital items.

Craft site like Esty is a platform to sell your stuff. There are many YouTube videos. You can learn tons of things for free And sell them to make money.


15.  Sell Courses Online

if you are a master in a particular field and have found fool-proof ways to do something. How about creating a course and selling to people to help out with a challenge in that area? You won’t only become popular in that field, and you would earn bucks.


16.  A Brand Ambassador

If you are pretty popular and have a magnetic personality, you could put this to good use. You can become a brand ambassador or influencer and get paid big bucks for that. All you need do is to promote the brand for the period of your contract.


17.  A Transcriptionist

You will be expected to transcribe dictated documents to written documents. Excellent typing skills and keen hearing skills are needed here.

There are various niche options medical, law, etc. You do not need too much educational degree for this to your certificates would be a bonus. It is a real online job for stay-at-home moms you may want to try out.


18.  A Personal Stylist

Being a good fashionista can earn you money, and you make people happy doing what you love. Women love to look good, but not everyone knows how to match colors, outfits, the right clothes, shoes, and jewelry, etc.

If you love dressing up and combining clothes, you will do great as a personal stylist. Here you can make women discover the beauty they have within.

You can register at the site like stitch fix and other style service companies or be bold enough to create your stylist company. Just make sure you have tons of glam Photos.


19.  An FB Amazon Seller

It can be an excellent side mom stay-at-home job. As an FBA Amazon seller, you purchase items at discounted prices, or when the things are on clearance, you can fix your price and sell at Amazon. The hassles of selling are not your issue because Amazon takes care of that.


20.  Dropshipping

It is pretty similar to FB Amazon seller, but it is a bit different. Here you buy directly from the company or their distributors and sell to retailers. That is, you somehow act as a middleman. You set the price, so you earn from each product sold.


21.  A Home Baker

Do you love making delicious treats as I do? Then a home Baker may be the mom stay-at-home job you would want to consider.

Maybe your friends and family have been raving about your cakes, ice creams, or cookie. You may want to start earning from it.

Take one or two courses to perfect your decorating skills, or you can spend time learning from YouTube. Next, fix your home as a mini bakery.

Ensure that everything installed is by the laws in your state. Set up an online page, then launch your business, and before long, you will start earning from doing what you love.


22.  Foodservice

You can decide to make wholesome meals and deliver them to people from the comfort of your home. Sometimes families are occupied at work, so they do not have time to cook, but they crave homemade cooked meals, and they require the service of a food vendor.

It is not like a regular eatery. Here, people could pay you to cook the meals on their meal menu for the week or month or special delicacies.

The job of a food vendor is a cool mom stay-at-home-job that you can earn significantly from. If you are neat, have excellent culinary skills, and your food is irresistible in no time, you would start getting lots of customers. Be sure to check in with your local authority in your state to know what law guides cooking from home.


23.  Life Coach

Your deep empathy and passion for people can be put to good use, and you can earn from it, and people learn from you. If you are passionate about specific areas in life, how about you create a platform when you can tutor young ones, singles in a relationship, or married couples and pour your heart into them?

You can focus on a particular niche, maybe as a teen coach, parenting coach, relationship coach, etc. I am an avid follower of a parenting coach on Facebook, Wendy.

She pours out her heart in every post and webinar she makes; she also has excellent books, parenting courses, even a parenting Academy. Being a coach can be the perfect way to do what you love while earning from it.

24.  In-Home Care

If you are a teacher or carer as a mom, you might want to think of starting up home care. It Is a mom stay-at-home mom job that is both fulfilling and profitable.

With the extra space in your home, you can set up a nursery for babies and mini care. You may need some workers if the work demand becomes tasking, and if you can effectively do a good job, you will be paid your worth.

You will need some space, toys, educational materials, sanitary items, etc. So it is a mom stay-at-home job that you may have to invest in.


25.  A Graphic Designer

Many websites, blogs, companies, brands need the services of a graphic designer these days, so you do not want to miss out on this opportunity if you are good at graphic designing.

Since it could be an online job, you can work on your own time. The essential thing is that you get the job done and get paid for it.


26.  A Web Search Evaluator

If you are tech-savvy and know your way around the computer and the web, you could make money as a web search evaluator. Check out sites Like Appen Or leap force to get more ideas on this.


27.  A Greeting Card Poem Writer

Do you know that you can get paid as much as $300 even more for writing unique poems on cards Or other materials? Check out the Blue Mountains if you are good at this.


28.  A Travel Agent/Vacation Planner

For someone versatile about people and places and especially if you have traveled a bit around the world, you could use this experience to work as a travel agent for big companies or even plan holidays, trips, and vacations for people.

Your experience will help you a lot here, to give your clients the perfect holiday experience they envisaged, and you know what, you could do all these from the comfort of your home.


29.  A Grant Writer

Businesses are setting up every day; of course, some would need loans and grants from banks and other financial institutions.

Without the correct type of proposals, they may not be approved, and here is where you come in. If you’re good at writing proposals, you can set up a platform as a grant writer where you write the suitable proposals for a fee, and you make them increase their chances of getting loans.


30.  A Web Tester

Websites are rated these days for their efficiency and relevance, and a web tester is the one that does the job of letting the website owner know if the website is user-friendly and provides valuable content.

You can work as a web tester if you are good at that field. It is an online job without Investment that you can do to get extra side cash.


31.  Music Creator

Suppose you have a flair for music and music on here who has an idea on music combination. You can offer your services as a music creator by offering appropriate soundtracks for vlogs, presentations, videos even movies.


32.  Social Media Manager

You can work from home as a social media manager, where you’ll be in charge of managing the social media accounts of companies, blogs, or brands to ensure that they are active and have a solid social media presence.

It can be a great work-from-home job for moms with babies. You do not need so much degree for this job. As long as you are tech-savvy and know your way around social media spaces, you are good to go. It is a relatively new job how many people are harping on, so you did not want to miss this.


33.  An Online Juror

Online jurors, participate in mock trials for cases so that lawyers and identify the chances of success in a case. If you have a flair for anything law and make a strong defense, you can enlist your aid as an online juror and get paid for it.


34.  Online Researchers

You can do this mom stay-at-home-job anytime or any day as long as you have an internet connection and a basic grasp of searching for information.

Researchers are in high demand today for insurance companies, firms, students, marketing companies, etc. The job requires that researchers provide detailed materials for a particular niche, and get statistics, new information’s about a specific area, etc.

An educational degree in the field you are working in could give you an edge. It would be best if you also were tech-savvy so you can use search engines effectively.

It would help if you also made inquiries and research from libraries. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Elance are platforms where you can get online content writing jobs.


35.  Call Center Agent

Like your phone call agents, you can work as a call center agent for companies only that you will do this from the comfort of your home and there is a fixed hour, so you do not have to work all day.

Big companies like American Express, Alpine Express are places where you can get call center agent jobs.


36.  Online Editor

Another mom-stay-at-home job that is popular and becoming increasingly profitable is an online editor. I know there are so many editing apps out there, but nothing can take the place of a professional editor, and big-time publishers know that.

The service of publishers of editors will be in demand by blogs, companies, firms, brands, etc. You do not have to work on any company’s payroll.

As an online editor, you can make big bucks by editing for different clients. Of course, you have to be good at what you do to get high-brow clients to be willing to pay you instead of using editing apps.


37.  Chat Agent

This is a job for a stay-at-home moms in 2022 that you do not want to miss. As an online chat agent is one that you should not miss.

The position requires you to answer questions, queries, or inquiries about the company or organization you are working for. Chat agents are becoming popular as customer care support teams, and they can work from home.


38.  Online Medics

Consultancy has gone to a different level as medics (doctors or nurses) can now offer consultancy services for patients with ailments that are not all that serious.

After evaluating the symptoms, they can usually determine if the patient has to go to the hospital or not.


39.  Translators

If you are bilingual and are very good at speaking these languages, you can offer your services as a translator and paid good money. Translators are hotcakes now and can work on flexible schedules.


40.  Data Entry

You can make an income as a data entry specialist if you are good at typing. The job does not require too many skills and Investment, plus you are assured to be in the job every time for many people seek data entry specialists a lot.


41.  Run Facebook Ads

Many businesses are making money from running advertisements on Facebook for other businesses, and you, too, can make money from it if you utilize your Facebook space well. Do not fret if you don’t know how to go about it.

There are many Facebook side hustle courses you can take to help you learn what it entails.


42.  Upcycling

You can choose to upcycle clothes and other materials in popular online stores.


43.  App Developers

If you are tech-savvy, you can work conveniently from home, creating apps and other programs for Android and different phone types. My friend does this as a side job and earns well from it.


44.  Scooping Jobs

A scoping job requires you to edit legal documents and resend them back. It has very flexible working hours. You could do this as a side job to earn extra income.


45.  Social Media Platforms

Do you know that from your social media platforms like Instagram, TiK ToK, pin interest even YouTube, you can earn cash from them?

Affiliate marketing, and ads, are some of the many ways to earn. You may want to research more on this. Many courses and tips are available to learn the nitty-gritty of making money through social media.


46.  A Stylist

From the comfort of your home, you can have a shop where you make gorgeous clothes. You can do this as a mom-stay-at-home job and make clothes for kids, women, or men depending on the area you specialize at, and use your internet space to market these clothes for sale.


47.  Podcasting

Podcasting is getting quite popular lately. You can create inspirational words of encouragement and affirmations for people. As you change your life, you also earn from it.


48.  Voice Over Artist

As a voice-over artist, you will be required to make presentations with your voice. This presentation can range from videos, theatre presentations, scripts, lectures, courses, etc.

The pay is per job ad you can earn up to $60 or more just for one job. I consider this an excellent work for the home job for babies because you can work at flexible working hours.


49.  Rental Properties

You can work as an online rental agent for companies as a mom stay-at-home job. The services require online rental agents to help clients successfully lease properties, but all things are done online.


50.  Medical Coder

The job of a medical coder requires you to translate patient’s records to universal codes. If you are good at coding, you can work do the work of a medical coder as a mom stay-at-home job.


Mom stay-at-home jobs are in higher demand now; find the ones you can effectively do and make extra bucks. Even if you have a regular job, you are not restricted. You can get online jobs as side jobs.

Save this for later mama! 

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