50 Most Unique Ways To Announce Pregnancy

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It can be thrilling and exhilarating to announce the good news of your pregnancy to family, friends, and loved ones, but how to announce pregnancy can sometimes be confusing to couples. You have an idea in mind, but you may not know how to go about it.

Should it be fun or sneaky, on Facebook or other social media platforms, or should you announce it as a puzzle that would get people guessing?

There are unique ways to announce that you are pregnant, and in this post, I will be giving you 50 unique ways on how to announce your pregnancy.

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Funny Ways To Announce Pregnancy

There are so many fun ways on how to announce pregnancy,  using pets, funny signposts, and hilarious write-ups.

Look below at some fun ways on how to announce pregnancy.

1.  Take a picture of your positive pregnancy test.

2.  Give a surprise gift.

3.  Have a photoshoot of your younger baby on the crib with an “eviction notice.”

4.  Use funny captions on chalkboard.

5.  Make funny posters

6.  Make shirts with funny captions.

7.  Get loads of baby things and spread them around for a photo shoot.

8.  Draw on the sand with funny captions.

9.  Write it on a big giant cookie.

10.  Make cartoon characters to pass the message.


How To Announce Pregnancy To Parents Who Live Far Away

If your parents live far away, the easiest way to announce the pregnancy may be through a phone call.

However, you can think of other creative ways on how to announce pregnancy to parents who live far away. Below are some.

1.  Gift them customized coffee mugs, bearing the good news.

2.  Say it with a poem.

3.  Gift them a bracelet with the news written on it

4.  Send in a special card from your baby stating the message.

5.  Make a unique craft stating the message.

6.  Send in a photoshoot stating your due date.

7.  Send in a fortune cookie.

8.  Make a call to make the announcement.

9.  Use a skype or video call to announce the news.

10.  Send in a personalized card.

11.  Send in a Grandma or Grandpa to be a T-shirt.

12.  Send them baby stuff like socks or bib, so they get the clue.


How To Announce Pregnancy To Husband

Most times, you would be the first to know that you are pregnant. So you will be the bearer of the good news to your partner.

I bet you want to get the expression from his face while he learns that you are pregnant.

There are tons of fun and sneaky ways I have outlined just for you to announce your pregnancy status.

1.  Gift him a fortune cookie.

2.  Use a cake.

3.  Drop clue notes all over the house till he finds the answer.

4.  Box a surprise gift, like baby socks, onesie, or bib.

5.  Make a shirt with the caption, “Daddy to be.”

6.  Write the message on paper, place it on a bottle, add a bow or any décor, and present it to him.

7.  Give him a baby present, baby shoe, bib, bottle, and he should be able to find the clue.

8.  Make a special card, hinting at the news.

9.  Buy him a Daddy’s pregnancy book.

10.  Send him beautiful flowers, with a special note hinting at the big news.

11.  Call to break the news.

12.  Lay your pregnancy test strip close to the breakfast table.

13.  Write it on fruit.

14.  Write a note on an empty coffee cup and pretend to serve him a drink.

15.  Book a date night, and spell out the hood news.


How To Announce Pregnancy On Social Media

Social media has become one of the easiest ways to share great news like pregnancy.

For celebrities and other influential personalities, passing important information like pregnancy through their official social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is now standard. Even if you are not a celebrity, you can still go about sharing the good news on social media.

Let’s look below, some fun ways on how to announce pregnancy on social media.

1. Photoshoot of the bump.

2.  A family photo shoot.

3.  Snap siblings photos.

4.  Pet Photos.

5.  Post scan photos.

6.  Post photos with a baby book in the background.

7.  Use a letter board to give a clue of the news.

8.  Pair a sonogram scan with a calendar.


Now let’s look below at 50 unique ways on how to announce pregnancy.


1.  Baby Books

Having a baby book all around you is a perfect way to spread the good news.

You can have a photoshoot with popular baby books with great picture covers; as a subtle way to pass the message, scatter baby books around the home, at your work table, inside your bag. Your friends and family are sure to notice and ask the big question.


2.  An empty chair

Taking a photoshoot with dad, mom, and your kids (if you have already) and an empty seat is a funny way to announce pregnancy.


3.  Chalkboard

A small chalkboard with an easel, some colored chalk, and your partner’s art skills can make a creative on how to announce your pregnancy.

Chalkboard has become a fun way to announce almost anything; birthdays, weddings, etc. Do not miss out on it’s fun to announce your baby on the way. You can Google up ideas on ways to use chalkboards to announce your pregnancy.


4.  Write On Shoe

A sneaky way is to write the due date on you and your partner’s shoe. Not everyone may decode this anyway, but it’s fun.


5.  Pet Fun

Include your pet in fun. This is especially great for couples who have not gotten kids. Snapping a photoshoot with your pet and writing a caption, “mom and dad are getting me a human,” is a great way to announce a pregnancy.


6.  Balloons

Colorful balloons are also a great idea on how to announce a pregnancy. You can customize balloons with your baby’s due date or write other great captions like “knocked out,” “about to pop,” “new addition on the way.”


7.  Your Ultrasound Pictures

Many couples are using this theme as a great way to announce the baby’s birth. Either it’s your first scan, when the baby was pretty small, or a full-colored scan where the baby’s face is shown.

Facing towards each other, probably with your baby bump protruding, you both can hold the scan together and have a great photoshoot.


8.  A Bun In The Oven

This seems to be a popular way of how to announce pregnancy. I do not grasp the concept, but you can try it anyway. Since it is a commonly used way to announce pregnancy, you will pass the message “I am pregnant” clearly.


9.  Eviction Notice

I like this pregnancy announcement idea. It is so hilarious. So, say you have a little one that still sleeps on the crib or acts baby and clingy around you, you can write hilarious signs like “you are evicted,” “notice of eviction,” “new tenant on board.”


10.  Announce With Food

Say you crave a lot of food, like me, while pregnant. You can have a photoshoot with the different foods you crave.

I saw one hilarious photoshoot on Facebook, where the woman took photos of her eating different meals.

And she pic mixed all of them. In the end, she snapped with all food surrounding her, and she fell asleep. You can find other great ways to snap with the food you love, and one who is intelligent will decode.


11.  Use Math Equations

This one is both fun and fantastic. I know not everyone likes math, but no one will miss the message with a simple math equation. For example, on a chalkboard or you make a poster, you can write 1+1~? Or 1+1+1+?~4. It will get people thinking.


12.  With Baby Shoes

Grab a pair of your pink sneakers or red heels and grab a pair of your partner’s boot or red sneakers, and in the middle, place baby shoes (boys or girl) and click away.


13.  Superhero Costumes

Dad can act as Spiderman, mom as spider woman, and other kids in their spider man gear. Then you can make a small costume and hang it or hold it together while striking energetic poses.


14.  To-Do List

For expecting moms who have had kids, you can snap a picture to announce your pregnancy with a to-do list by writing “prepare for kid No-1”, “prepare for kid No-2”, “prepare baby on the way.”. This is a superb way on how to announce pregnancy.


15.  With T-shirts

T-shirts are one of the commonest and simple ways to announce anything these days, and your partner can use this idea to announce your pregnancy.

Create great logos and designs with canvas or any other designing app on your system and print them out.

Then, you can iron them on the shirts or get a professional designer to do that. A simple mom-to-be or dad-to-be cannot be a more apt way to announce your pregnancy.


16.  Pregnancy Test Strip

A simple, creative, and obvious way to announce your pregnancy, is with a test strip showing the two blue lines. You can share the good news to the world.


17.  Clothes On The Clothesline

Peg dad clothes, your clothes, and other kids’ clothes on the line and snap. Below you can write the sign. More laundry is expected.


18.  Announce With Scrabble

I love this pregnancy announcement idea. You can use it as a greeting to announce pregnancy to your husband if you both are scrabbling fans. All you need to do is convince him to play scrabble while on the game, shuffle up the board.

He would be shocked but give him a wait sign. Then build up the words “we are pregnant” or “we are expecting” I bet you would want to capture the look on his face when reading the caption.


19.  Fortune Cookie

Get a box of fortune cookies, tell the seller to slip in the news “we are pregnant” into the cookie, and use it as a great way to burst the information to your partner.


20.  Fruits Idea

Use fruits to pass the message across. You can get two big apples and one small apple and draw smiley faces on them. This should pass the message, or you can stick it in papers and write dad, mom, and baby.


21.  Sports Shirts

Dad and mom can wear a jersey of their favorite sports ball club and snap holding a small jersey for the little one on board.


22.  Through Baked Goods

Get a cake and write baby on board or we are expecting and serve it at a family dinner. This would be a great way on how to announce your pregnancy to your parents who live far away.


23.  Puzzle

Make a customized puzzle with a great caption like “we are pregnant” or “we have a baby” of course, make sure that some missing pieces are left unfilled.

This should pass the message. You can use this as a great way to announce pregnancy on Facebook or to announce pregnancy on social media.


24.  Baby Onesies

A great way to announce the pregnancy and an outline favorite of mine. Get a customized baby onesie and write a unique caption, telling the world of the good news.


25.  Use Drinking Cups Of Different Sizes

You can get plastic or other cups and write “Dad,” “mom,” “Jane,” “Jan,” and for the baby on the way, put a baby bottle, and write the proposed name.


26.  The Baby Bump

Snapping a photoshoot where the baby bump is showing with your partner gives the clearest indication that you are pregnant.


27.  Use A Mug To Say It

You can use this pregnancy announcement idea as a creative way to announce your pregnancy to your husband, your family members, or friends.

Get a white mug (preferably) cut round or square shape small enough to fit into the mug and write in the caption “we are pregnant” you can do this while serving coffee or juice before they pour into the mug the word reads the news.


28.  Movie Poster

If you are good at photo shoot, you can get your favorite movie and design a logo that hints that you are having a baby.


29.  Say It With Your Pet

Your pet can help you pass the message in a fun and cool photoshoot. Create fun posters with captions like “baby guard dog, I resume December” or “I am going to be a big sister” or “dad and mom are expecting a baby” or “baby on the way.” The captions are endless.


30.  Say It With Socks

If you are a first-time parent, you can pass the message that you are pregnant. So hang your socks, your partner’s socks, and baby socks or bootie on a line, and you can creatively pass the message across that you are expecting a baby.


31.  A Gift Box

Creatively send the message across that you are pregnant. You can get an old shoebox and stuff it with some decorations. Then write a beautiful note like “you are going to be a dad soon,” “proof that you are going to be the best dad in the world,” “or we have a baby.”

Complete the box with ribbon designs and drop it at a corner where your partner will go. This is a great way to pass the message and how to announce pregnancy.


32.  Light Box

To twist things up is similar to the idea of a gift box. You can get a light box, write a beautiful note or attach an ultrasound picture to pass the message.


33.  Letterboard Message

You can use a letter board to pass the message across. Just write a caption with the news using the letters.


34.  Dress Up The Pet

Another funny way on how to announce your pregnancy using this pregnancy idea. Get a customized baby onesie stating “baby on board” or “new addition” or any other caption you like.

Once you are dog or cat snap, hilarious photos with the pet to announce the pregnancy.


35.  A Voting Banner

I love this cool and creative way on how to announce pregnancy using a voting banner and your little son or daughter. You can write captions on the designed banner like “vote for me as next big brother” or “campaign for the next big sister.”

You can do this with cardboard or other paper. Do not forget to add the colors of the American flag or your country’s flag.


36.  Wingman Banner

If you have a young toddler son and expect another, you can get him to do a wingman banner with cardboard or chalkboard. Captions like; “every pilot needs a wingman; I am expecting one, December 30th or any other catchy phrase.


37.  Coloured Chalks On The Porch

Use colored chalk in cool colors like pink, yellow, blue, red, and white and make designs bearing the due date or bearing captions as we expect.

I love a particular one I saw on the internet termed aerial simplicity. Beautiful colored balloons were drawn with ribbons, and the caption big sister was written on the balloons. Cool right?


38.  Family Photoshoot

If you already have kids and expect yet another, the whole family can snap together. Your mom can be in the middle with the baby bump and ultrasound pictures indicating the pregnancy.


39.  Carve A Pumpkin

If your partner has good carving skills, he can carve a huge pumpkin and place a smaller pumpkin inside the huge pumpkin and write baby in the smaller pumpkin.


40.  Easter Eggs

Use easter eggs and bunnies to pass the message across. You can set up mini-easter bonus and easter eggs. Then write the due date or baby on board, mother and baby, or any other caption.


41.  Charm Bracelet

With a letter bracelet or charm bracelet, you can write or announce that you are expecting and pass the message across to your partner, your sister, or any other family member, or you can use a name bracelet to announce the pregnancy.


42.  Christmas Stocking

A fun way to pass across your pregnancy news this Christmas season is to hang a Christmas stocking for the new baby and the due date attached.


43.  Paint Your Belly Bump

Your partner can paint the belly, indicating you are pregnant if you have a belly bump already. If you do not have a belly bump yet, you can still use paint or marker with a question on mark sign.


44.  Frame An Ultrasound Picture

If you have parents who live far away, you can surprise them with your pregnancy by framing your ultrasound picture and sending it as a package.

It is an excellent idea on how to announce pregnancy to parents who live far away. It will surely give them a great surprise, one they will be delighted about.


45.  UseOffice Theme

Use the office theme to pass a message across. Make a cute shirt or onesie, stating captions like a “new team member”, “new boss”.


46.  Use A Calendar

You do not always have to be in the picture to announce your pregnancy. A sneaky and excellent way on how to announce pregnancy is using a calendar.

Just cycle your expected date in the calendar. Then, you can add other clues like baby socks, bibs, or bottles to pass the message.


47.  Kissing In A Tree

It is pone popular way on how to announce your pregnancy. You can snap a photoshoot. Then, you and your partner can snap a shoot kissing while holding a board stating the pregnancy announcement or due date.


48.  A Letter From The Baby To Dad

To announce to the soon-to-be father, grab a letter card and write a beautiful letter from the baby to the dad, stating their arrival.


49.  Use The Dinner Plate

While serving dinner, write “we are pregnant,” or soon-to-be daddy or baby on board to pass the message.


50.  A Christmas Letter To Santa By Your Little One

In this yuletide season, you can make your pregnancy announcement memorable by snapping a personalized card written by your little one. At the same time, wishing that his little brother or sister would be born at the due date.

These are 50 unique ideas to announce your pregnancy.

If you have more, add at the comment session.

Thank you.

Save this for later mama!

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