12 Tips And Tricks For Getting Kids To Sleep At Night

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Sleep is a natural way to help the body relax after a long day for parents and a day spent catching fun or learning for kids. Who doesn’t like a good night’s rest? I bet all moms do, only sometimes our kids don’t.

How frustrating, it can be when you come back home from work or have had a long day as a stay-at-home mom. You have a chance to finally relax, but your kids want it the other way.

They want to play or they are glued to the TV set or their phones and even stay awake till midnight. Sometimes, they get cranky and whine, for no reason you can fathom. For you the parent who has had a long day and wants to rest but you can’t rest because they’ll distract you.

Like many struggles parents have to face: training to eat solids, potty training, disciplining, dealing with a child who finds it difficult to sleep is one of them.

Lack of sleep is unhealthy for adults even more for kids. Medical experts, advise that infants and toddlers get more time to sleep than those of other age ranges.

Unhealthy sleep patterns cause stress, reduced attention span, difficulty in controlling emotions, and unsettledness in kids and parents.

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So if you are in these shoes, finding ways on How to fall asleep fast for kids, worry not. The 12 tips and tricks I outline below will have you smiling each night to bed, as your kids will be able to fall asleep easily without much ado.


1.  Research On The Appropriate Sleep Pattern For Each Child’s Age

Medical experts have identified their children have sleeping habits and patterns. You may have been having issues with your child sleeping because you do not understand their sleeping patterns.

Babies (newborn to 2 to 3 months upward) sleep almost throughout the day and are awake at night. Most new babies have not adjusted to our sleeping patterns. They sleep and wake anytime. By four months, babies’ sleep pattern changes. They begin to sleep more at night and have fewer naps during day time.

Toddlers are meant to sleep more at night, sleeping only one or two hours in the day. Understanding the routine your child follows will guide you on the right way to establish routines that can help your child sleep properly.


2.  Establish Bedtime Routines

One key trick on how to fall asleep fast for kids is establishing a bedtime routine that they get used to. It is a trick for any parents who wants to know how to make a kid fall asleep fast. This is part of every 1-year-old sleep training parents should teach.

When a bedtime routine is learned, It becomes part of the child, and sleeping becomes easier. But if parents are not conscious of their children’s sleeping habits from early on and let them sleep when they like, it poses problems like this, making them start finding ways on how to make their kids fall asleep fast.

Set a time like 9:00 pm or 9:30 pm as bedtime. 30mins to 1 hour before that time, start prepping your kids for sleep. Fix them up with bedtime snacks, like bananas, yogurt, or milk (if they can tolerate it at night). Let them have a soothing bath.

Turn off all electronics and gadgets. Reduce the activity in the home. Wear them their favorite nightdress or pajamas and switch off the main lights.

Doing all these are done, preps the child’s mind to start getting ready for sleep. After you have done all the necessary things, tuck your child into bed. By now It should already be, bedtime or few minutes before time.

You may choose to switch off the light and leave the child’s room or if your child wants you there, talk to him quietly, sing a song or say a bedtime story to soothe the child to sleep.

For bedtime routines for babies, feed full, give a soothing, and rock to sleep while singing lullabies. You may also decide to breastfeed. It is one trick that helps a child sleep fast.


3.  Rock Your Child And Sing Lullabies

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Finding a way on how to put your child to sleep in 40 seconds? One magic trick that can help Is rocking them to sleep and singing lullabies. Singing lullabies like Twinkle twinkle little star, This old man, Old man Donald, and other all-time favorite lullabies usually have soothing effects on kids.

Before long, the child goes to Dreamland. Singing lullaby and rocking a child has a way of creating a sense of inner security that makes your child feel safe.

Most times when I sing, lullabies, my kid looks at my face and I see the look of contentment and security in his look.

Rocking your child singing those lullabies with your sweet or croaky voice (like mine) will put your kid in the best state of mind. No other place will your child feel safer than in your arms and this feeling of safety and assurance makes him calm and fall asleep fast.


4.  Encourage Your Child To Be Active During The Day

Kids are naturally active and this can be a good thing for you as a parent especially if you are finding ways on how to fall asleep fast for kids.

Most times after kids have played and jumped and had the swell time of their life they complete it with a good sound sleep at night.

So why they shouldn’t be hyperactive, encourage your kids to play, and do other activities that make them have fun, grow and learn. It would help them sleep faster at night.

If they are indoors all day, with little or no physical activity and more sleep time during the day you may end up finding answers on how to fall asleep fast for kids every time.


5.  Create A Calm And Comfortable Environment

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During bedtime, one thing that helps put a child to sleep is creating a calm and comfortable environment. It promotes good sleep. The bedroom should be neat and tidy, bed made with clean fresh sheets. It should also be cool and airy.

If it’s stuffy, your kids will always get hot, cranky, and can’t sleep. Always use soft dim light or switch off the light. The brightness from lights usually distracts kids and makes them want to get active.

However, dimming the light make, the kids realize it is sleep time. Also, reduce the amount of noise around the house. If you may not be able to achieve that, use a soft rhythmic sound that follows a pattern that can help them drift off to sleep.


6.  Avoid Foods And Snacks That Will make Them More Active Or Hinder Sleep During Night Time

finding another way on how to fall asleep fast for kids? Then avoid, sugary drinks like juice, snack, cakes, biscuits a few hours before bed as these can cause a sugar rush and stimulate overactivity in the kid at night.

So, instead of them being more relaxed, you see them overactive, restless, and you find it hard to get them to sleep. It would be useful if you cut out sugary stuff totally from their meals at night if you want to have a good night’s rest.

They can have such in the morning or noon when they are expected to be more alert. Also, caffeinated drinks and beverages like coffee are stimulants that can alter their sleep patterns and make them more alert.

These should be avoided three to four hours before bedtime. Instead, bedtime snacks like milk, bananas, or apples can be taken. Also, ensure to feed them a light meal at night as heavy meals sometimes cause discomforts.


7.  Switch Off Electronics And Other Gadgets During Bedtime

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If you have been wondering how to fall asleep fast for kids, you may not be achieving this because you are distracting your kids with electronics and gadgets.

Your kids may be having difficulty falling asleep because of the noise from your phones or computer. They may also be distracted by the lights or movements on the screen, and they too may want to stay awake just like you, after all, they see you active and using your gadgets.

For older kids, nighttime is when they can chat with friends, play games, follow up on social media. To avoid the hassles of no sleep and to get your child to sleep fast. If possible, remove all electronic gadgets from their room.

Turn off the TV set or mute it. Do not play music. Put off their phones, and most importantly be ready to show example by turning off your gadget or not using it in their presence.


8.  Give A Soft Massage

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You can stimulate your kids to get into sleep mode at night by giving a soft massage. Essential oils like lavender oil and Valor are helpful for massages.

You can use this for your young toddlers even babies. After they have been bathed and dressed for bed while you are singing a lullaby or playing soft music, give a soft massage.

Massaging the feet, neck, and back mildly can make your kids feel calm and settled. When they feel more relaxed, they are more likely to tune into sleep mode. This tip also works great for adults.


9.  Bond With Them

How to make a kid fall asleep

One of the all-time bedtime tricks that have always worked for me is cuddling my baby close and bonding with him. It is another useful trick on how to fall asleep fast for kids. Not only does it allay your kid’s fears, but It also makes them feel secure and bond more with you.

You may choose to let them come to your room, or snuggle between the kids while saying Goldilocks and three Bears or singing twinkle little star. Let them nestle on your chest or lap and pet them to sleep. They get more comfortable and feel secured to sleep.

Children are sometimes scared at night. The ghost stories they have heard or watched, even if it is not true comes alive at night. It would be a lot easier when you are there with them to make them know that there are no ghosts and that they are safe with you.


10.  Help Your Kids To Get Less Stressed A Few Hours Before Bedtime

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the stress hormone cortisol has a way of inducing the body’s activity, making one overactive and unsettled. When kids are stressed before bedtime, they can find it hard to sleep.

They want to sleep, but they just can’t. Instead, they get cranky, cry, and are restless. This attitude can up your stress levels and make you want to yell at them.

Yes, you expect them to be calm and ready for bed, but they won’t be because there’s an underlying cause. Their stress levels have been hiked up.

To avoid this, as the evening gradually wears tonight. Limit the amount of play and other physical activities your child does.

The jumping and screaming and shouting can be done during the day, not at night time. Control them to be calmer and avoid shouting and yelling at them as it would make you both have proper rest.


11.  Be Sure That Your Child Does Not Have Sleep Disorders

Your child may be having trouble sleeping despite all your best efforts of following routines making the home comfortable, minimizing noise, and using other effective seep tips.

What you can do then? It is time to consult your pediatrician as he or she may be having a sleep disorder and despite your best efforts, you may not be able to help them out because you are not doing things the right way. Your health practitioner can be of help and may give you useful tips or drugs to manage the disorder.


12.  Try Out Sleep-Enhancing Products

 things to help child sleep

If you are finding ways on how to fall asleep fast for kids, try out sleep-enhancing products like, nursery projector that creates the perfect sleep night pictures like stars and moon, calming essential oils for massage to calm the nerves.

You can also add Epsom salts and other essential calming oils to their bathwater. The magnesium in Epsom salts has a calming effect on the body so it can be a great aid to induce sleep in your kids.

These are great ways on how to put your kid to sleep fast and how to get your child to sleep throughout the night.

These tips and tricks are going to turn things around for you. As the hassles and fights of bedtime would be a thing of the past as you get to enjoy your night.


Always remember you got this mama!

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  • Our little princess (9yrs)has ADHD. Whilever she is awake, she is in perpetual motion…We tried everything we could think of to get her off to sleep (and to stay asleep)…nothing worked.
    Our little dear created a campaign of screaming, shouting, crying, kicking, hitting each night, before she could relax enough to let herself fall asleep !
    Then the paediatrician suggest seeing a Sleep Psychologist.
    Her first suggestion was to let our girl go to bed later…(into bed for quiet activities by 8:30pm and lights out by 9:30pm).
    I admit I was aghast…sooo late.
    Night One – followed to a tee and guess what ??? She fell asleep by 8:45 and stayed asleep until 6:30am !
    Every Other Night Since – pretty much the same !
    Sometimes she pushes it right up to 9:30, just because she knows she can 😉
    I thought I was being a “good Mum” by getting her off to bed by 7pm, so she could get lots of sleep and was stressing that she wasn’t rested properly…Who would have thought it would be so easy…and that I could be so gormless !
    Thumbs up to the Sleep Psychologist who also helped to resolve her fear of the dark too…