30 Easy Things To Do With Your Kids At Home

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Stuck up with the kids at home, without knowing what to do? You will so wish they were back in school because after the morning hours of breakfast and dressing up it could be so so boring when you are just staring at each other, doing nothing.

Then is when they become those annoying little munchkins.TV is always the answer for most parents, but it is not always the best way to engage a child.

Research shows that kids spend way too much time on TV even more than schoolwork. You wouldn’t want your child to become addicted to the screen right? Plus it doesn’t create room for the child-parent bonds that is so much important to build especially at the tender age.

There are tons and tons of fun things to do with kids at home, educational activities for kids, stay-at-home kid activities, and easy crafts to do at home that are educational, entertaining, exciting, and don’t cost many bucks.

Activities like karaoke, outdoor camping, dressing up, or finding hidden treasures are some of the many fun things to with kids at home.

They are sure to make each day exciting and eventful and make you cherish every moment you spend with your little angels. So whether the kids are on school holidays, on lockdown due to the pandemic, or even on weekends, below are 30 easy things to do with kids at home.

Family activities at home


1.  Make A Family Tree

This is one family activity to do with kids at home. A perfect way for them to learn about their roots. Put your drawing skills to use or get a printout online.

Cut out leaf shapes to make a family tree and write out the names of uncles and aunties, cousins, and other extended members of the family. it is going to be an exciting time with your kids they are going to learn about their family background. Be ready for lots of questions though.


2.   Get Plastic Beads Or Scrapbook Paper And Start Stringing

Match pieces of plastic beads together on a row with a twine, fish line, or threads. The kids can come up with color choices to make a beautiful bracelet, anklet, and necklace.

If you don’t have all these at home, simply get scrapbooks papers, or any colorful paper and roll them up. Fix them into the thread and tie. Your paper bead necklace jewelry is ready.


3.  Play Board Games Or Card Games

There are so many different types of board and card games you can choose from to play with. You can choose board games as something to do with the kids at home any day.

Some board and games like brain boosters and scrabble are educational activities for kids because they involve critical thinking and strategy. Games like Scrabble, chess, are just a few of the whole lot you can pick from.


4.   Play Outdoor Games

Easy crafts to do at home

If you have some space around your neighborhood you can engage the kids in outdoor games like tag, football, or catch. It is a great way to exercise and it gives you all the time to bond as a family.


5.   Mix Up, Make Big Bubbles And Use It To Play Around The Home

Mix up 6 cups of water, 2 cups of dishwashing liquid, and 1 Cup of light corn syrup and you have a huge bowl with bubbles you and the kids can play with. You can add some colors to give green bubbles, red bubbles, or blue bubbles.


6.   Play Treasure Hunt

Hide a box of cookies and use it for a treasure hunt. Give your kids clues on how the treasure looks like and get them searching.

Be ready for the house to be a bit messy this time, but don’t worry, your kids can help out after that and when you are done, you can all take some refreshments to cool off after the game. Do not make the treasure something like ice cream that can pour easily or spoil easily.


7.   Do Exercises Together

Exercising should be one of the things to do with the kids at home regularly. Use an exercise app or download exercise videos online.

Get kitted and exercise for several minutes. Dance exercise or yoga are great exercises you can do with your kids at home to boost your mood and get you guys energetic. Remember not to take so long for the exercise as they could get tired and bored easily.


8.   Do A General Clean-Up In The Home

Engaging your kids to clean up the house is one of the great family activities you can do at home. It is usually best to prepare your kids beforehand so that they can anticipate and be eager for the clean-up.

They can start from their rooms. While they tidy, you can clean up the kitchen, then move to the laundry, the sitting room, and then the outdoor. They should scrub, brush, dust, sanitize, and clear out old stuff and maybe even redecorate.

When you are all done you can relax by having a nice meal together. Ensure you give them a treat. Remember, they wouldn’t be so perfect so you shouldn’t expect so much perfection. It’s s all about the love they show.


9.   Have A Movie Time

 stay at home kid activities

If the kids are out of school and you want to give them a break from school activities, you can decide to have a mini-movie cinema at home.

Of course, popcorn and Juice must be added. To get a complete cinema feel, switch off the lights, shut the windows, and turn on the Air conditioner.

While munching popcorn and sipping juice, let them lie on the floor or stuff in a cushion and watch their favorite cartoons or a new one they have been raving about. You need to be with them to make it more fun.


10.  Do A Music Concert Together

Create a real music theatre with a raised stage and a judge. Each one of your kids can do a competition with the music concert by singing a favorite song and get points on how well he or she does it.

Singers are to stay on stage with the TV remote as the microphone. You can be the judge or compete in it yourself. Winners get a gift: free movie time, or a snack.


11.  Do A House Party

Either you do it as freestyle dance or as a competition, both are awesome. Get a music box or download tons of music from your phone and show your kids dance steps.

Let’s see if the kids are going to beat mama to the game. It is going to be such a fun time with you and the kids. I remember doing dance parties with my sibling and I still remember how awesome it used to be. Doing this with the kids will be super fun and strengthen the family bonds.


12.  Play Dress Up

Organise a fashion show for the kids. Let the girls dress up with your heels and the boys with their dad’s tuxedo. Or, they may imitate looking like Grandpa and Nana.

To make it so real, make them up, give them wigs and boots. It is going to be a lot of fun time I bet. You all can have a video or take pictures and send them to Nana and Grandpa or other family members.


13.  Read Together

One of the very common but vital things with kids at home is reading. It is quite easy to do that and it’s also fun. Pick up a new storybook or download online books and read together taking turns reading.

Create a nice picture of events with your voice to make it more interesting.


14.  Cook And Bake

Teach your kids some cooking and baking skills when you are at home with them. Getting them their aprons, measuring cups spoons makes it more fun and exciting. Also, let them practice on their own so they would have a feel of what you are doing. I bet they would so love it.


15.  Paint Paint Paint

You can decide to have a painting project as a thing to do at home with kids. Download pictures and paint them or test your drawing skills, draw images and paint afterward. Everyone gets to use their paintings to decorate the room at the end of the day.


16.  Plant A Garden

Spend time outdoor with mother nature and plant a garden. Work together with your kids and create a portion of the house outdoor if there is space and plant flowers or some seeds.

If you have no free space on the floor get old large bowls or gardening bowls put soil in and plant. It can be such a thrilling time for the kids when they see their seeds start growing.


17.  Get Papers And Make Puppets

You can make this more colorful by painting and coloring them with crayons. Give them names and use them to act as a favorite puppet show on TV.


18.  Have A Family Picnic Indoor Or Around The Home

You don’t only have to do the picnic in the park or at the beach to organize a family picnic.

Create one around your home indoor or outdoor around the house. Park the plates, glasses blankets, snacks, and all you need for the picnic. Clear out space where you can have one. If you don’t have space outdoor, do it inside your home. Your living room can serve for this.


19.  With Straws Or Sticks A Box And Some Clips

you can make a mini foosball sports game that you and your kids can play with. I bet they are going to love it.


20.  Get Some Light-Colored Shirts

To get dyes and twines and try your hands on some tie and dyed design. It is going to be an exciting time for them as they can create something beautiful and colorful.


21.  Do A House Spa

Kids creative activities at home

Find ways to relax with your kids by having your house spa. Soak in the bathtub for some time, the moisture, and shower.

Cut cucumbers on your eyes and have a nap or pretend to have one for some minutes. Paint your nails and let your kids do a makeover for you.


22.  Knit Up

Knitting is a beautiful craft that you can try out with your kids. It one of those things the girls would love to do at home. Get wool or yarns in beautiful colors and a pin.

Try knitting up one or two strings and make it up as a band that they can wear proudly their arms.


23.  Fairy Jar

Making a fairy jar is super easy and so much fun, and the results, amazing. Your kids will find this jar so special and they will want to save it in their rooms for the night.

You only need a Manson jar, several glue sticks, and glitters. Dump in all the glue sticks content into the jar then the glitter cover and shakeup.

That’s all, super easy, right? You can even add some beads or shells to create the feel. Wait up till night and see how the jar light up the dark like a mini Lantern. The 8 hours it lasts is going to give a magical experience for you and the kids.


24.  Make Kitchen Volcanoes Together

his is surely something to do with kids at home that they will so so love. The kitchen volcano experiment is super easy and doesn’t cost many bucks.

You will only need baking soda, a jar of vinegar, paper cups, and colors of your choice. To give it a real volcano effect I usually mix Brown and yellow. Put small cups in a small glass tray.

I use glass trays because I want to see the volcanoes pouring out. Feel the cup halfway with vinegar add the colors of your choice then dump in large scoops of baking soda. Immediately, you will see the form gushing out like real volcanoes. Such an exciting sight.


25.  Make A Race Track

Create a corner in the home for your kid’s toy to race. There are tons of tutorials you can get online for making a race track. You mostly only need markers, tape, and a space in your home. The boys will be so excited when they hear they are going to make a truck for their cars.


26.  Crystal Names

You will need to capture the look on your kid’s faces when they see that their names are sparkling in crystals. Make crystal name project as one thing to do with kids at home this holiday.

You don’t want to miss this. Simply form the letters of names using a Borax cleaning solution and coloring. Leave it hanging with twine and let it dry. You can achieve this in few hours.


27.  Artistic Collage

This is twisting collage in a little bit making and it more fun. Get a large watercolor paper and make random paintings with watercolor as your background.

Then cut out pictures and design from old picture books, scrapbooks, magazines and stick together. It is a fun creative activity you can do at home with your kids.


28.  Indoor Fishing Game

Indoor fishing game is one super easy thing to do with your kids at home. You only need paper fishes, paper clips, a rod with a magnet attached to the end with a string. The bathtub can serve as the stream.


29.  Play Puzzles

Puzzles are brain-racking, fun, and educational. Finding hidden clues can make a once boring afternoon so exciting.


30.  Window Projects

Last of the list of the things to do with your kids at home, that I will be sharing with you today is the window project. This project is so so easy and I bet kids will love it.

You only need to cut out transparent sheets in different shapes and designs. Spread some water on the window and stick. If you go creative you and the kids can create something simple yet so beautiful.

There are tons of other fun and easy things you can do with the kids at home to make each day memorable and exciting. I bet you won’t want to miss any of the ones I listed here.


Save this for later mama!

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