50 Great Bedtime Stories To Read For Your Kids

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After a long day of jumping and playing around, one of the best ways for kids to wind down and have a good night’s sleep is by telling or reading a bedtime story.

Bedtime stories are stories read or told before bed to lull children to sleep. Some of these stories are intelligently crafted by storytellers that when the kids imagine the characters or see them in the book in no time, they zoom off to dreamland.

The tradition of reading bedtime stories to kids has long been a long one. In the past, there were only some selected choices of bedtime stories to read.

There is a wide variety of sleep books and other bedtime stories suitable for babies and kids of different ages presently.

Initially, the bedtime story’s purpose was to put kids to sleep, but there are countless other benefits. For babies, it teaches and helps them to develop their language and communication skills.

bedtime stories to read aloud

Also, for toddlers, their imaginations are set. They learn how to read, gain mastery in language and literacy skills, foster child and parent relationships, and teach tons and tons of moral lessons.

Parents who want their children to improve in reading habits can pick up a short bedtime storybook. The child can find the choice bedtime story to read aloud, and you can correct the errors that way the child’s learning.

I have outlined below 50 bedtime stories to read. The list below is a wide selection of bedtime stories for kids and toddlers, bedtime stories for babies, and famous bedtime stories like Cinderella and Rapunzel. Some of these books are specifically bedtime books for sleep; others can be read at bedtime or any other time.


1.   The Sword On The Stone

A magical sword was placed on a stone by the magician Merlin, and the one who pulls it out will be the King. It is a story of courage, Justice, and self-awareness.


2.   The Frog Prince

This is a famous bedtime Story for kids like Cinderella and Rapunzel. The Story is about a frog Prince and a human Princess who fell in love.


3.   Bambi

(A story about the Woods) learn about the adventure of a little male deer Bambi and his mother as they journey around the Woods.


4.  Goodnight Moon

Read how a bunny says goodnight to the things around him. It is a bedtime Story to read for your little one. They can say goodnight to their favorite toys before sleep as bunny does.


5.  Pigs In The Blanket

Written by author Hans Wilhelm and beautifully illustrated by Erica Salcedo, the book tells how three piggies start the day’s adventure and finally go to sleep. It is a bedtime story for babies.


6.   Time For Bed

Particularly suitable for ages 1 to 5. This Story is about a baby and a mama sheep getting ready for bed.


7.  The Napping House

At night time, everyone climbs granny’s cozy big bed to sleep.


8.  Jessie The Rabbit

Always cautious, Jessie was seen as the scary bunny of the town, but he was the only one brave enough to save the day When a fire struck.


9.  Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book

This book is like its name is all about sleep. In the country of Keck, a little bug named Van Vleck yawns so wide that it initiates other animals to go to sleep. The sleepwalking, snoring, dreaming, and sleep talking of the different creatures are sure to make your toddlers want to sleep too.


10.  Cinderella

An all-time classic, a famous bedtime story we will never forget. The Story is about a beautiful girl named Cinderella who was kind and hard-working but was mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters.

But by a twist of fate, her fairy godmother came in to change her state, and she was the one who the Prince loved to dance with at the ball.


11.  Pinocchio

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I particularly love this Story as it teaches honesty and truth, even courage. A wooden boy named Pinocchio, who became the Carpenter’s son, fell into the hands of a bad company when he went on an outing, but he got saved. The most exciting part of this Story is that Pinocchio’s nose always grew long when he told a lie.


12.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This Story is basically about the life cycle of a butterfly. It teaches many things like counting, names of food, days of the week, even food discipline.

The Story starts up with an egg which changes to a Caterpillar. The Caterpillar eats different foods not according to his diet, and he had a stomach ache. He grows into a cocoon, and after several weeks it finally changes to a beautiful butterfly.


13.  Hush, Little Baby

This best bedtime storybook was retold by Sylvia long. Mama and baby Bunny are about to sleep. They sing Lullaby’s about nature, flying birds, shooting stars, and crickets. Mama promises baby Bunny another lullaby if he goes to sleep.


14. Just Go To Bed

Little cricket does not want to sleep, so he hops from the bed many times, but his patient dad always puts him back in bed. It is a short bedtime storybook to read for the kids. Suitable for ages one to five years old.


15.  Sleeping Bunny

Beautifully illustrated by Rosemary Wells, this is one best bedtime stories to read for a kid as it teaches about bedtime routines. In the Bunny house before bedtime, every member of the family knows the bedtime tradition.

They eat dinner, then clean up the toys and put them away. Next, they have a bath and get into bed, where they listen to their own bedtime story. It Is a perfect way for you and the kids to make your bedtime routine.


16.   A Trick Trike

This is the Story of the boy Ross who loved the tricycle of the other children in the neighborhood, but he didn’t have one himself save a used trike. He came up with the plan to make a trick trike that every kid loved to have.


17. You Are Welcome

This Story teaches that’s there is beauty in diversity. A bestseller that your kids should have. Author Alexandra pinfold and illustrator Susanne Kaufmann depicts a school where everyone is welcome with hijabs, baseball caps, T-shirts, parkas, and yarmulkes. The author teaches kids that they should accept everyone’s religion, tradition, idea, and unique peculiarities.


18. The Grouchy Ladybug

It is the Story of a ladybug who was so full of herself and bad-mannered. She never said the magic words: please or thank you. Every hour she kept meeting different animals, all bigger than her, and always had problems.

She met a whale in the water, which she had a fight with, and with a big slap, it pushed her back to land. Back home, she met a kind ladybug who offered to share her Aphids with her for dinner. This bedtime story teaches compassion, time, and many other values.


19.  The Runaway Bunny

This is a story of a bunny who tells his mother that he will run away from home and his mother promised to go wherever he went changing into whatever form he took.

At first, he said he would change to a fish and swim in the sea; the mother said she would take the form of a fisherman and get fishes for him in the ocean.

He said he would become the rock on a mountain so high. The mother said she would become a mountain climber and reach high up the hill to get him.

Whatever form he took, the mother always had a way to get him back; finally, the little bunny realizes his mother’s deep love for him and ends up going nowhere.


20.  Oliver Who Would Not Go To Sleep

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Little Oliver loves staying awake at night. On a regular night, his parents took him to bed, read him a story, and kiss him goodnight, but Oliver doesn’t want to sleep.

So after they have gone, he gets up and starts painting then, drawing, reading, playing with his cars, and even practicing magic.

He imagines himself on a rocket flying atop trees, houses in space, and soon lands on Mars. From Mars, he can see his home, and he wishes to be back in bed. he flies back again through the night.

He gets home to see his bed with his cozy toys just the way he left it, and he goes to sleep. I bet kids will love reading this one going through the adventure of Oliver in space. Before they have gone through all, they will be fast asleep.


21.  Monkey Puzzle

A beautiful book by Julia Donaldson Anne Alexander shuffle. A personal favorite of mine and a bedtime story to read for the little toddlers.

The monkey puzzle is about the monkey who seeks the help of his butterfly to find his mum. He gives her clues on what his moms look like.

How big is your mum to butterfly asked? The monkey replied that his mum is bigger than him, so she took him to an elephant, not his mother.

He tells the butterfly that the tail of his mom can coil around trees. So she took him to his snake, but it was not his mum.

Little monkey then told her that his mum has legs, so she took him to a spider. After going around and around looking at different animals, the monkey said she took just like him, and the butterfly finally found the monkey’s mother and took him to his mom.


22.  Rumpelstiltskin

A Miller famous for his tales and boasting’s told the King that his daughter could spin straw to gold which was untrue.

The Wicked King forced his daughter to the straws he gave her to gold. Helped by a mischievous imp, she had to pay the price for every help he gave, and the last price was her very dear child when she became the Queen.

She made a bargain to find his name within three days so she could be free of the deal, and he agreed. On the eve of the third day, by the stroke of a chance, she was able to get his name Rumpelstiltskin, and that’s got him very angry. Because he lost, he stomped his feet and made a big hole and was never seen again.


23.  Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

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On a certain Kingdom was a beautiful princess with a good heart called Snow White. Her stepmother’s mother hated her because she was the fairest in the whole kingdom. Snow White was to be killed by the Huntsman, but because they pitied her and spared her.

She ran into the Woods to the cottage of seven dwarfs. When the Queen found out that the huntsmen didn’t kill Snow White through her magic mirror, she turned into an old woman who poisoned an apple and met snow-white in the woods. Snow White took a bite from the Apple and fell into a deep sleep.

The Seven dwarfs chased the evil Queen to a mountain. She got covered by a storm and was never seen again. The dwarfs laid her on a glass coffin. A kiss of love broke the evil Queen spell, and Snow White woke up again.


24.  Book Of Sleep

This book is suitable for little toddlers. Book or sleep is a story of oil and his adventure throughout the forest at bedtime. It creates pictures of how other animals prepare for bed at night.


25.  Good Night Gorilla

In the zoo, it is time to close for the night. A naughty gorilla gets the zookeeper’s keys and opens the cages of other animals. They follow the zookeeper unknown to him.

The gorilla and all the animals end up in bed with the zookeeper. It is a bedtime story to read for kids suitable for children aged one to four years.


26. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

This Story paints a picture of what a dream world should be. While reading this, your kids will zoom off to dreamland in no time.


27.  The Elves And The Shoemaker

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There was a very poor but hard-working shoemaker. He worked so hard but could not make a living. One night, he left the materials for a shoe he was to make on his work table. In the morning, he saw a perfectly made pair of shoes.

He was so surprised. He told his wife, but they couldn’t figure out who did it. On and on like that, every night, he would see perfectly made shoes on his work table.

He soon started selling more shoes, and he became wealthy. He wondered how to find who made the shoes.

He and his wife decided to pretend to sleep one night. They saw several naked elves come out and work on the leather he had put on his work table, and they made a beautiful new shoe.

The shoemaker and his wife thought of what to do to repay them for all their good deeds. They bought clothes and placed them on the work table instead of leather, and spied on the elves again. The elves were surprised to see the clothes, and they wore them. The shoemaker and his wife were very pleased.


28.  Three Little Pigs

This is a story of mother pigs and her piglets. They were so poor that the piglets had to go in search of food. One of the pigs was so hard working that he could find food and build them a house. He saved them from being eaten by a wicked wolf.


29.  Aladdin And The Magic Lamp

Captured by an evil one, Jafar. Aladdin was supposed to get a magical lamp for his capturer Jafar. He got the lamp but got trapped in the Cave. The magical genie granted him three wishes he could get out of the Cave, become rich and get the attention of Princess Jasmine.


30.  The Boy Who Cried Wolf

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A mischievous little fellow tricked the villagers that wolves attacked his sheep to catch some fun. Much to his dismay, the Wolf came and devoured his sheep’s and the villagers refused to help. It is a bedtime story to read for kids that is both educative and entertaining.


31.  Ugly Duckling

He was seemed to be different from everyone. He seemed not to fit in. One day he found the true identity that he was his Swan, not a duck.


32. Goldilocks And The Three Bears

Goldilocks enters the cottage of three bears. When they found her asleep in their bed, she runs out in fright.


33.  Hansel And Gretel

Two siblings stumble into a gingerbread house while in search of food.


34.  Rapunzel

Trapped by an evil witch Rapunzel was saved by a rogue. But the witch will stop at nothing to get her back.


35.  The Hike

Read the adventures Molly and her grandpa encountered when they went on a hike.


36.  Sinbad The Sailor

Follow through with the adventures of Sinbad as he said sails on ocean, seas, and rivers.


37.  Close Your Eyes

Tiger’s mother soothes him to sleep as he is nervous


38. The Gift Of The Magic

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This is the Story about two kids that plan to give each other gifts for Christmas but does not have the money, but by a miracle, they got the gifts.


39.  Big Red Barn

By the author of good night moon. At night time and all the animals have to go to sleep in the big red barn.


40.  Pillow Land

It creates a perfect picture of how a dream world should be. Here readers are carried away to a land where they celebrate sleeping time.


Other Bedtime Stories To Read Incudes

42.  Paid Piper of Hamelin.

43.  Robin Hood.

44.  Peter Pan.

45.  Sleeping Beauty.

46.  Alice In Wonderland.

47.  The Gingerbread Man.

48.  Bears Snore On.

49.  Bears In The Night.

50.  Pyjama Time.

All the bedtime stories to read here have been careful selected for the kids reading pleasure. Pick anyone, and I bet that your kids will anticipate every bedtime.

Happy Reading.

Save this for later mama! 

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