15 Pregnancy Must-Haves For A Stress Free Pregnancy

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Browsing through the maternity section of any store can leave you excited and overwhelmed at the same time. You see lots of stuff to pick, from essentials to fancy items.

But, if you are working with a budget, the question that could run through your mind is, “how do I know which pregnancy stuff I really need? In other words, what are the pregnancy must-haves?

Below is a list of some pregnancy essentials that can guide you when shopping to answer this question.


Pregnancy Essential List

  • Body pillow.
  • Ginger and Ginger flavored products.
  • Supportive bras.
  • Maternity pants.
  • Bigger tops.
  • Maternity tops.
  • Maternity dresses.
  • Slip-on shoes.
  • Shoes with soft, comfortable soles.
  • Shoe inserts.
  • Pregnancy journal
  • Massage oils.
  • Stretch mark creams.
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Morning sickness relief snacks.
  • Prenatal massage.
  • Prenatal vitamins.   


Pregnancy Must-Haves For The First Trimester

Let’s see some pregnancy must-haves for the first trimester.

  • Prenatal vitamins.
  • Morning sickness relief bands.
  • A soft bristle toothbrush.
  • A pregnancy journal.
  • Pregnancy books.
  • Morning sickness snacks like crackers, mint-flavored candies, nuts, etc.
  • Stretch mark oils or lotions.
  • A water bottle.
  • A tight bra.
  • Ginger and Ginger flavored products
  • Green tea.
  • Face care products.
  • Moisturizers.

Pregnancy Must-Haves For The Second Trimester

Some items that are pregnancy essentials for the second-trimester includes

  • Belly Band.
  • Maternity clothing.
  • Loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Tennis balls for massaging.
  • Maternity tops, maternity leggings, and pants.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Hot water bottle.
  • Skincare products.


Pregnancy Must-Have For The Third Trimester

For throughout the 3rd trimester, keep any of these handy:

  • Belly belts.
  • Slip-on shoes.
  • Tongs to easily pick things up.
  • Hot water bottle for massage.
  • Prenatal massage.
  • Eye mask.
  • Compression socks.
  • Bath salts.
  • Shoe inserts.

Pregnancy Clothes Must Have

Here is a list of some pregnancy clothes that you should get:

  • Soft cotton tops and pants.
  • Loose pajamas.
  • Maternity tops.
  • Maternity pants.
  • Slip-on shoes.
  • Compression socks.
  • Loose dresses.
  • At least three supportive bras.
  • Baggy shorts.
  • Loose sweaters.
  • Loose gowns.

Below are some pregnancy products must-have.

Pregnancy Relief Seasick Bands

  • Stretch marks creams.
  • Water bottle.
  • Belly band.
  • Belly belt.
  • Pregnancy book.

Pregnancy Food Must-Have

  • Ginger and ginger flavored products.
  • Green tea.
  • Crackers.
  • Bread.
  • Pretzels.
  • Fruits.
  • Legumes.
  • Dairy products.
  • Sweet potatoes.
  • Green leafy vegetables.
  • Carrots, cabbages, cucumbers.
  • Salmon.
  • Lean meat, etc.

Let’s discuss below are pregnancy must-haves needed for both the first, second, and third trimesters. They combine pregnancy food must-haves, pregnancy products, pregnancy clothes, and many other must-haves.


1.  Prenatal Vitamins

Taking prenatal vitamins is something you should start doing once you find out you are expecting a baby( to find out more, check the post things to do once you find out you’re pregnant). It is essential in pregnancy must-have.

Prenatal vitamins are specially formulated to supplement the nutritional needs of pregnant women and their babies. Some women do not consider it essential, but it is.

Sometimes you may not eat a balanced diet that may provide the right nutrients suitable for you and the baby; hence you become deficient in some vital nutrients, which can pose the risk of congenital malformations in the baby.

Prenatal vitamins should contain essential vitamins and minerals like folic acid, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, etc. In the hospital, your doctor may prescribe for you a brand of prenatal vitamin.

But sometimes, because of changes in appetite and morning sickness, you may not be able to tolerate that particular brand.

You can try another brand as long as it contains the required vitamins and minerals. It may not be wise not to stock up on one specific brand of prenatal vitamins, especially if you do not know how well you may tolerate it. But if it is a product you enjoy, it is wise to stock up to use prenatal vitamins for quite some time.

Most brands of prenatal vitamins come in sets of 30 or 60 capsules, and you are expected to take a tablet every day. Since you will be taking prenatal throughout pregnancy and during breastfeeding, it is a pregnancy must-have you should include in your budget.


2.  Morning Sickness Remedies

Though not all women experience morning sickness, the majority do. So prepare your mind. You might experience some amount of morning sickness in pregnancy. It varies from woman to woman. Some women have intense morning sickness (hyperemesis gravida rum), others mild.

Since morning sickness is a marked pregnancy symptom, having morning sickness remedies as a pregnancy must-have will help you a lot in pregnancy.

There are so many morning sickness remedies you can try out like fresh Ginger, ginger tea, sweets, and any other ginger-flavored products.

It would be best not to miss this when shopping because Ginger helps to relieve morning sickness and nausea. Other morning sickness remedies are morning sickness snacks like pretzels, dry crackers, bread, nuts, chips.

These snacks are bland, and you can easily munch them if you do not appetite for large meals—essential oils in fragrances like lavender, mint, citrus.

Sniffing any of these can help quell needs—Popsicles mold. Since pregnant women seem to tolerate extreme temperatures like very hot or cold foods more, you may be making a lot of popsicles and other ice-cold treats.


3.  Morning Sickness Relief Wristband

The acupuncture points in these bands help to alleviate morning sickness. There are so many other products for morning sickness relief.

Check the post tips to alleviate morning sickness to learn more. Shopping for all of these remedies at once can be a waste. My advice, try a few of them to identify the ones you can tolerate so that you know what works best for you.


4.  A Body Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy itself is a challenging ride sometimes; combining the stress of pregnancy with the everyday tasks at our jobs and home can be tiring on the body. So it would be best if you had a lot of body support. The weight of the baby can also put a strain on the body.

The body parts like the back, neck, waist, butt are the significant places we feel this strain. The body pregnancy pillow is beneficial to give you the needed support during pregnancy. It has been designed to provide support to the back with arm etc.

It is a pregnancy must-have that comes in handy during the second and third trimesters. You would not need it during your first trimester because you do not have a baby bump then.

When the baby bump starts showing, and you start feeling the weight of the baby, you should get a body pillow for better sleep. Sleeping on a body pillow with a firm mattress would be a wonderful experience during pregnancy.


5.  A Water Bottle

You need to double or triple your fluid intake during pregnancy. So staying dehydrated is a No-No because it is harmful to your health and your baby’s, which is why you need to have a water bottle as a pregnancy must-have.

Drinking water and other fluids are essential because numerous processes occur in the body, including metabolic reactions, transport of hormones, etc. By the first trimester taking water and other fluids may be difficult because of the morning sickness, but it is essential.

Try these hacks; they helped me avoid dehydration in my first trimester. First, cut some wedges of lemon, lime, or sprigs of mint leaves and place them in your water bottle. Shake and take sips at intervals. The slightly tangy flavor of the lemon and the minty flavor of the mint give the plain water a different twist.

Or, you can pour a small amount of juice, or your favorite into the water bottle, then fill it up with ice-cold water. It will make it easier for you to drink water. You can get thirsty as you progress in pregnancy, especially during the late second and third trimesters.

What will you do when a water source is unavailable, or you don’t trust the water in the environment where you find yourself? Always having a water bottle always at hand solves the problem.


6.  A Maternity Belt

A maternity belt is super essential in pregnancy, significantly when the baby bump has grown so large I call them “lifesavers.” You will need a maternity belt to support help you support the weight of the baby. Just as bras support the breasts, maternity belts support the back, hip, waist, and pelvis.

The pelvis symphysis pubis is a side effect of pregnancy (find out about more pregnancy side-effects from the post-ten pregnancy side-effects no one told you about). If you have intense pains at the waist and butt areas, they can be relieved using a maternity belt.

The best time to use this belt is when the belly bump has extended. The maternity belt was designed to help support and reduce these pains. When you use them, you will feel much relief.

Maternity belts come in different sizes, colors, and textures. I like the ones with shades similar to the skin color or black because you can use it in your dress and it won’t show underneath. While shopping for maternity belts, go for the ones that have soft material and are stretchy.


7.  Belly Bands

This band is quite similar to the maternity belt, but they have different functions. Belly bands are stretchy bands used on the belly to hide the belly bump during pregnancy.

It is super helpful when you want to wear some clothes and do not wish the stomach to show. It also helps hide the zip in clothes like jeans, skirts, shorts, trousers.

To wear a belly band, after wearing your trouser or skirt, wear the belly band from the head downwards and use it to cover the zip in your trousers or skirt—you are good to go.


8.  A Moisturizing Cream

Some women experience skin dryness during pregnancy. You can minimize this pregnancy side-effect with a good moisturizing cream. It would help to rehydrate and revitalize the skin. It is not advisable to use too many creams during pregnancy to overheating.

You can apply a good amount of moisturizing lotion after bathing. At other time intervals in the day, apply few drops on the legs, toe, your palm, where there is more dryness.

You should do well to check the type of creams you use. There are many good products of moisturizers, but not all are suitable during pregnancy as the chemicals in them can pose a risk of congenital abnormalities In the baby.

Products containing retinoid, retinol, Hydroquinone, etc., should be avoided as they are contraindicated during pregnancy. It is best to go for natural ingredients like coconut oil, argan oil, avocado, shea butter, etc.


9.  A Supportive Bra

The breasts grow more during pregnancy. It will also become a bit sore and heavy, so a firm and supportive bra are a pregnancy must-have. If you already have some, no need to get new ones.

Just get bras extensions. If you are getting new bras, go for firm and supportive ones that are not too tight because the your cup size may keep increasing till breastfeeding.

You may want to get the maternity bras now, especially if you intend to breastfeed after birth.

The maternity bras are designed for easy opening and will support the breast even more because the breast will keep growing while you breastfeed. While shopping for new bras during pregnancy, get at least three so you can change them frequently.


10.  Easy Slip-On Shoes

If you have been pregnant before, you will know how difficult it is to tie your laces or strap and buckle your boots when you have a large baby bump. It is why you will need to slip on shoes as a pregnancy must-have in your wardrobe.

With slip-on shoes, you can easily slip your shoes on and off your leg without any hassles. It would be best to also get shoe pads that can make you walk more comfortably, protecting the arch of the feet.

Shoe pads also help you as you carry the extra weight of the baby bump so that the weight doesn’t rest on your bones. As you grow bigger, your feet will probably start swelling, so you may need new pairs of shoes.

Then is the best time to get slip-on shoes. If you wear sneakers, you can use elastic laces instead of regular ones, so you do not have to battle tying and untying your shoelaces.


11.  Maternity Pants

It will get to a point where you will not be able to wear your old trousers and shorts again, even with the belly band. Now is time to shop for some pairs of maternity pants.

The maternity pants are made to accommodate the growing and expanding belly bump.

Most are elastic at the waist area, so you do not have to struggle with zips. Just wear it and raise it above the waist to cover the belly bump. Some are pretty pricey, but they are worth buying.

Maternity pants come in ranges of jeans, shorts, leggings, even corporate pants. If you are working on a budget, you may not have to buy new maternity pants.

Instead, get a stretchy material, cut out the zip part of your jeans, trousers, or shorts, and sew in the stretchy fabric at the cut-off portion. It can serve as a maternity pants and save you some bucks, especially if you do not want to part with your old trousers or buy new ones.


12.  Lotions For Stretch Marks

You are likely to get stretch marks over the baby bump and other areas in the skin because of the extending baby bump and the extra weight gain during pregnancy.

But if you can tackle it as soon as possible, you will have lesser chances of having stretch marks.

Stretch marks are caused by expanding skin muscles. When the collagen fibers underneath the skin breaks it appears are stretch marks on the skin. There are so many home remedies and lotions you can use for stretch marks.

The post how to prevent stretch marks explains more. One of the main culprits of stretch marks is a dry skin. That is why using stretch mark lotion as soon as possible in pregnancy is essential they will help you keep the skin suited and hydrates and healthy minimising the chances of you having stretch marks on the skin.

Try this stretch mark routine early in pregnancy; massage your belly, underarm, butt, and laps with stretch mark cream every day. These are the areas where you are prone to have stretch marks.


13.  Pregnancy Books

It is also another essential pregnancy must-have because having an idea of what to expect throughout the pregnancy journey is very important, With pregnancy books, you learn step by step about each month of your pregnancy.

Like the signs and symptoms to expect in pregnancy, the foods you should avoid during pregnancy, you learn about the beautiful growth taking place inside your belly, how to take care of your body during pregnancy, tips for coping in each trimester, and lots more.

You need at least one pregnancy book if you are a first-time mom. Searching for a good pregnancy book? Look for one with good reviews that have pictures and illustrations so you can understand what is written in it.

You do not have to spend so much buying a pregnancy book. You could buy second-hand books from your library or friends. Ask your friends the ones they are reading or read during pregnancy to guide you to select the right choice.

I will advise you to go for books or do not contain lots too many medical terms. Something you can understand is what you should go for. When shopping, always ensure you read through the pages.


14.  Facial Products

It is an essential part of your skincare and, most importantly, a pregnancy must-have because of acne breakout during pregnancy.

Acne is a pregnancy side effect. It is caused by pregnancy hormones and other psychological changes in the body during pregnancy.

It is essential to get facial products like wipes, facial cleansers, hand moisturizers, etc. Always ensure that you get products not made from harsh chemicals or, better still, get products made from natural products because the skin is sensitive during pregnancy.

You should use this product to clean your face three or more times a day to maintain healthy skincare and minimize acne breakout but do not do this excessively to avoid drying out in the skin.

You do not have to worry too much about acne breakouts. If you maintain a healthy skincare routine, with time, it will fade off.


15.  Compression Socks

Swollen feet, sore feet, leg cramps, muscle cramps are common complaints in late pregnancy. You can minimize all these with good compression socks. Compression socks help support the legs, arch of the feet, calves, etc.

Wearing them overnight every other day can help relieve, and if your job requires you to be on your toe almost all day, then it should be a pregnancy must-have.


16.  Soft Toothbrushes

As a pregnancy side-effect, you may experience pains, sores, and bleeding in the gums during pregnancy. It happens because the pregnancy hormones and make the tooth more susceptible to gingivitis, so, soft toothbrushes pregnancy must have at this time.

As you begin pregnancy, shop for toothbrushes with soft bristles so that you can minimize gum, injury, bleeding, and soreness.


17.  A Pregnancy Journal

Every day in your pregnancy journey is memorable, and you should keep a record of each of the days and what happenings. It is a great way to keep you occupied when you are bored.

With a pregnancy journal, you can save a record of those funny days, cranky days, weepy days, important days like when you check your baby’s gender, the excitement you felt, or the day we went baby shopping.

Then, after pregnancy, when you read through, you will smile at the great moments. Using a pregnancy journey also gives you time to reflect on your pregnancy journey and keep track of your pregnancy milestones and your health.


18.  A Prenatal Massage

Swollen feet, backaches, stiff joints are expected as you draw nearer to the end of your pregnancy because of the increasing weight. A pregnancy massage will help you loosen up the joints, and you will feel like your old self again.

If not moving, sleeping, and doing some mundane things will be difficult, I consider this a pregnancy must-have because It makes a huge difference in your pregnancy.

Please book an appointment at your favorite massage parlor and relax while they give you a relaxing massage. Your body will feel alive again.

These pregnancy must-haves are essential for any pregnancy. Know more? You can add them to the comment section. 

Best wishes!!!

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